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Delivering Customer Service Excellence

  • Price £940.00
  • Duration 2 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


•Do you want to stand out from the competition?
•Do you want to ensure you consistently provide the best possible service to your customers?

Customers have increasingly high expectations about customer service and make buying decisions based on the service they receive. In order to stand out from the competition, the service you provide to your customers must be second to none – and will be measured at every “moment of truth”.

Our facilitated workshop will help you to build on your existing skills, and to develop new strategies to improve the service levels you / your department provide.

You will benefit from this course if you deal with external or internal customers; face-to-face, email and over the telephone.


No special entry requirements


By the end of the course you will be able to:

•identify good and bad customer service behaviour
•identify the importance of building rapport
•obtain from customers a clear understanding of their expectations
•recognise and use techniques to control the conversation
•use effective questioning and listening techniques to clarify customer requirements and expectations
•demonstrate the importance of taking responsibility to achieve customer satisfaction
•recognise the impact of professional customer focused email
•explain transactional analysis and use it to deal more effectively with customers
•handle challenging customers calmly and confidently
•demonstrate how you will reassure customers that their needs will be satisfied

Course Content

•What makes excellent service?
•Meeting the expectations of our customers
•Customer service behaviours
•Communication Skills
•Listening & questioning
•Professional email ethics
•Matching and signalling
•Working styles
•Moments of Truth
•Power of Words
•Conversation Structure
•Dealing with challenging customers
•Transactional analysis model
•Projecting a positive take action attitude
•How to make your customers feel valued & important
•Personal Action Plan

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