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Developing XML-Based Applications

  • Price £1,895.00
  • Duration 4 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


In a very short time, XML has been recognised as key to the provision of flexible solutions in a complex and fast-moving world. Nowadays XML is widely used as an underlying technology in most, if not all, eCommerce solutions in both Business-to-Consumer (B2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B) environments. As understanding grows of the situations in which XML can be applied, more and more people are building XML into their enterprise applications.

This course describes how to use XML for data modelling and in all facets of application development and integration. Delegates will learn how to use XML to model business data effectively, and use XML to create web-based solutions and e-commerce systems

Since XML is supported by a variety of tools and platforms, this course aims to provide insight into how XML can be used in the major current environments. Examples illustrate Microsoft solutions, Java Enterprise Edition solutions and other commercial platforms and product suites.

This comprehensive course will help you understand how best to apply XML in your data modelling and application development projects. The hands-on practice will deliver the confidence for its use.


•Delegates should have a basic understanding of XML, the Internet and distributed systems
•Delegates must be proficient in at least one modern programming language such as C#, VB.NET, Java, Perl, JavaScript


Delegates will learn how to:

•Understand XML syntax and the capabilities of XML
•Define XML grammars and validate documents
•Use XSLT to transform XML documents
•Program with XML APIs based on DOM, SAX and StAX
•Understand Web Services, security and SOA
•Create and deploy a Web Service Endpoint
•Use XML in web applications and database applications
•Leverage XML for use in Enterprise System

Course Content

Chapter 1: Creating and Using XML

•XML document structure
•Elements and attributes
•Text nodes
•Processing instructions and comments
•Unicode and character encoding
Chapter 2: Defining XML Grammars with DTDs

•What is a grammar?
•What is a DTD?
•Writing and applying a DTD
Chapter 3: XML Schema Definitions

•What is an XML Schema?
•Writing and applying an XML Schema
•Element groups
•Data types and structures
Chapter 4: Transforming XML Using XSLT Stylesheets

•Style sheets: CSS, XSLT
•Benefits of XSLT style sheets
•Obtaining node values
•Applying and matching template rules
•Processing selective nodes with XPath
•XSLT programming with loops and if statements
•Creating new content
•XML grammar transformation
Chapter 5: SAX Parsing

•Event-driven parsing
•Push with SAX
•Pull with StAX
•Handling errors
Chapter 6: Introduction to DOM Parsing

•Introduction to DOM
•DOM interfaces
•Loading an XML document into a DOM parser
•Navigating a tree
•Accessing elements and attributes
Chapter 7: Further DOM Processing

•Creating new content using DOM
•Removing/replacing/rearranging content
Chapter 8: XML and Objects

•OO Programming concepts: properties and methods
•Distributed applications and Objects
•Binding technologies, schema generation and code generation
Chapter 9: Introduction to Web Services

•Web Service Interactions
•Registries: UDDI, ebXML, BizTalk
•Toolkits: AXIS, JAX-RPC & JAX-WS, SOAP-lite, .NET
Chapter 10: XML Security

•XML Encryption
•XML Digital Signatures
•WS-Security and WSE
Chapter 11: Using XML in Web Applications

•XHTML standards
•Using XML to communicate with a server
•AJAX and Web 2.0 Technologies
Chapter 12: XML and Databases

•Database support for XML
•JDBC RowSets
Chapter 13: Using XML in Enterprise Applications

•EAI and Interoperability
•Service Oriented Architecture
•Common XML Grammars: FIX, SWIFT, etc.
•Architectural options
•Performance issues

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