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Edge Animate 101 Yellow Belt

Edge Animate 101 Yellow Belt
  • Price £497.00
  • Level Introduction
  • Duration 2 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


This course introduces Edge, an Adobe design tool that uses web standards for incorporating smooth animations and interactivity into projects. The generated content can be displayed across multiple platforms such as mobile phones, tablets and desktops computers and browsers without the need for additional plugins. You will learn to create motion content in the application’s timeline-based interface. This course also covers importing and keyframing web graphics and adding interactivity to projects.


This course is aimed at designers and developers who are new to Adobe Edge and want to get to grips with the user interface and create web standard animations and interactivity.

Assumed Knowledge

As this course is aimed at beginners all that is assumed is that the delegates are familiar with the web, its terminology and how Edge is used within this environment.


  • Reviewing web standards
  • Exploring the Edge Preview 3 interface
  • Animating existing web content
  • Integrating text and other content
  • Saving and publishing a completed project

Course Content


  • What is Adobe Edge
  • Understand the role of HTML, CSS and Javascript used by Edge
  • Understand animation basics and requirements

Document Setup

  • Control document size and colour
  • Control and understand document overflow

Explore the Interface

  • Selection tools and methods
  • Drawing tools and settings
  • Text and settings
  • The stage
  • The Elements panel
  • The Properties panel
  • The timeline panel
  • Workspaces – choose, create and reset

Use the Timeline

  • Discover the Timeline controls
  • Hide and show contents
  • Create movement
  • Reverse movement
  • Create transitions and fades
  • Work with keyframes/Auto-keyframing
  • Play your animation
  • Learn playback controls
  • Use and understand the Marker
  • Use and understand Triggers
  • Use Labels


  • Apply Easing for the professional look
  • Create Smooth transitions
  • Animate content on your existing web page
  • Copying and pasting animation
  • Control timing
  • Move animated content
  • Preview the animation
  • Preview in a browser
  • And so much more!

Projects and Interactivity

  • Arrange and align content
  • Transform content – skew, rotate, size
  • Create an image gallery
  • Create a parallax effect
  • Create web adverts
  • Creating hotspots
  • Create hyperlinks/web links
  • Add Events for mouse interactions
  • Add Triggers
  • Create Looping
  • Create mask effects
  • Create pop-ups
  • Animate existing web pages
  • Create navigation
  • Save and publish

Importing graphics

  • Understand graphic types
  • Import and use SVG, GIFs, JPGs and PNGs
  • Understand the Adobe creation workflow

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