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Enterprise Extraction Transformation & Loading with SQL Server 2008 Integration Services

  • Price £2,055.00
  • Duration 4 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


During this 4-day instructor led training, you will learn the ins and outs of SSIS and how to apply its enterprise functionality to data warehouse ETL systems. At the completion this course, you will understand how to design, develop, deploy, and operate SSIS solutions from source systems extractions, to data integration and transformation, to business intelligence system loading including how to processing SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) cubes.

This course will demonstrate a fully working ETL solution, including extensive demos, sample projects that will not only teach how to use the new technology, but also illustrate business intelligence ETL and data warehouse best practices.

The target audience for this course is database warehouse or business intelligence solution architects, IT professionals, and business intelligence developers who want to learn the details of how to use the capabilities of SSIS to build ETL solutions.


This course is targeted at database professionals and developers with some experience in business intelligence solutions and SQL Server. This workshop requires no prior experience with SQL Server DTS or SSIS


Delegates will learn how to:

•Understand SSIS Features and Functionality: The initial seminar modules will dive deep into the core feature set of SSIS to lay the foundation for leveraging the tool for data processing requirements.
•Understandand Apply ETL Concepts in SSIS: Building on the SSIS knowledge, the focus will turn to understanding relational data warehousing principles— applying efficient SSIS processing techniques for dimensions and fact table ETL. Additionally, the seminar will consider processing architectures for loading SSAS dimension and cubes.
•Deployand Administer SSIS in Production: The final modules cover getting ETL solutions over the goal line and maintaining sanity once there—focusing on deployment and ongoing administration.

Course Content

Section A: SSIS Overview and Core Features

Module 01: SSIS Features and Concepts Overview

The role of ETL in Business Intelligence, SQL Server 2008 tools, SSIS ETL features, ETL Architecture, Visual Studio Design Environment, Creating Solutions and Projects Working with SSIS Projects, Properties Windows and viewers, Data Sources, Data Source Views, Connections
LAB 1: Creating an SSIS Project and Packages

Module 02: Applying Control Flow Containers, Tasks and Constraints

Management Tasks, Standard Tasks, Execute SQL Task and parameters, Script Task, Sequence Container, Looping Containers, Standard and Expression based Constraints
LAB 2: Workflow management in the Control Flow

Module 03: Applying Data Flow Transformations and Adapters

Data Flow source and destination adapters, Data expressions and conversion transformations, Data association and correlation transformations (IE: Lookup, Merge), Filtering, Data Paths and Data Viewers
LAB 3: Working with Data in the Data Flow

Section B: Data Warehousing ETL Processing in SSIS

Module 04.1-Extr: Data Extraction Strategies

Heterogeneous sources, Data quality, Full and incremental source extraction, Using Data Source Views effectively, Dynamic source queries, Flat file sources, Source lineage tracking
LAB 4.1-Extr – Putting It Together, Control Flow, Data Flow and Data Extraction

Module 04.2-Trnsf: Advanced Data Preparation and Transformations

Data profiling, data cleansing (Fuzzy transformations), Script Component Sources and Transformations
LAB 4.2-Trnsf – Data transformations and preparing

Module 04.3-Dim: Dimension Table ETL

Slowly Changing Dimension types and theory, Using the SCD wizard, Drilling into the SCD transformations, Customizing the SCD, Alternate SCD approaches, Inferred Members, Handling Snowflake and Parent-Child Hierarchies
LAB 04.3-Dim: Building Dimension table ETL

Module 04.4-Fact: Fact Table ETL

Fact types and theory, Aspects of the fact table processing, Dimension lookups with the Lookup transformation, Missing Dimension Members, Measures and Calculations, Handling fact inserts and updates, Changing data grain, Processing Analysis Services Measure Group Partitions
LAB 04.4-Fact: Building Fact Table ETL

Module 04.5-SSAS: Analysis Services Processing

Analysis Services processing types, Analysis Services Processing Task and Execute DDL Task, Dynamically creating and processing partitions, ASCMD command line and AMO API usage
LAB 04.5-SSAS: Creating Analysis Services Processing Tasks

Section C: Advanced SSIS Functionality

Module 05.1-Conf: Applying Dynamic Configurations and Built-in logging

Planning your configuration environment, SSIS Configuration types, dynamic Property Expressions, SSIS Logging, Extending SSIS auditing with Event Handlers
LAB 05.1-Conf: ETL auditing and SSIS configurations

Module 05.2-Tran: Understanding SSIS Transaction Management and Restartability

Built-in checkpoints, How and when to use checkpoints, Managing RDBMS transactions, Rollback considerations, Integrating Checkpoints with Transactions

Module 06: Coordinating Team Development and Deployment

Modular package design, Team development environment, Deploying Packages, SSIS Deployment Wizard
LAB 06: Creating Parent Package to coordinate execution

Module 07: Package Administration, Security and Execution

Package Execution Options, DTExec command line execution, SSIS Management features, SQL Server storage and security roles, Package encryption
LAB 07: Securing and Executing Packages

Module 08: Troubleshooting and Optimizing Packages

Identifying package bottlenecks, Understanding the SSIS data flow architecture, Data Flow transformation types, Execution Trees, Engine Threads, Monitoring Data Flow execution with pipeline logging, Debugging Task with Breakpoints, SSIS Performance Monitor counters and tracking
LAB 08: Troubleshooting package errors

Section D: ETL Case Study and SSIS Frameworks

Module 09: ETL Case Study and Package Frameworks

Case study examples: package design and performance, Integration with SQL Server 2008, using Merge and Change Data Capture features, Partition Table management, Creating an SSIS Framework for Auditing Troubleshooting, and Reporting

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