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Fast Track Applications in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 CRM Online

  • Price £1,195.00
  • Duration 2 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


This course provides both an introduction to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 and provides students with the skills and knowledge to personalise Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015.

Target Audience: It is intended for individuals that plan to implement, deploy, use, maintain, consult or support Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 in their organisation. Includes selected marketing and What's New content.


General knowledge of Microsoft Windows
General knowledge of Microsoft Office
Students do not need a prior understanding of Customer Relationship Management solution processes and practices


Use the Microsoft Dynamics CRM user interface and application terminology
Develop basic and advanced navigation and record maintenance
Create and maintain account, contact, and activity record management
Use the sales functionality
Schedule, administer, and define services

Course Content

Working with the Application

Navigating the CRM System
Customer records
Personal options

Introduction to Sales Management

The core Sales Management record types

Lead Management

Lead to Opportunity Process Form and Process Bar
Convert Activity Records to Leads
Qualifying and Disqualifying Leads
Create, Maintain, and Use Sales Literature
Create, Maintain, and Use Competitors
Lab: Create and Disqualify a Lead

Working with Opportunity Records

Create Opportunities and Work with Opportunity Form
Changing Opportunity Status
Lab: Managing Sales Opportunities

Working with the Product Catalog

The Dynamics CRM Product Catalog
Unit Groups
Adding and Maintaining Products
Adding and Maintaining Product families
Product Hierarchy
Creating, Maintaining and Using Price Lists
Currency Management
Creating a Price List
Lab: Managing Price List Items
Create a Test Opportunity Record, and Add a Price List
Lab: Managing the Product Catalog

Sales Order Processing

Adding Line Items (Opportunity Products) to Opportunities
Quote Management
Working with Orders
Working with Invoices
Lab: Sales Order Process

Metrics and Goals

Configuring Goal Metrics & Fiscal Periods
Creating and Assigning Goal Records
Creating and Recalculating Parent and Child Goal Records
Creating a Rollup Query
Lab: Goal Management for Individuals

Sales Analysis

Running Built-in Reports
Exporting Sales Information to Excel
Working with Charts and Dashboards
Lab: Create a New Sales Dashboard
Create an advanced find query
Create a chart
Create a dashboard, and add the advanced find query and chart to it, then share

Introduction to Customer Service

Customer Scenarios
Customer Service Entities and Record Types
Creating a Subject Tree
Lab: Subject Tree
Knowledge Base, creating and publishing Articles.
Lab: Managing Knowledge Base Articles

Case Management

Creating Case Records
Managing Cases using Parent/Child Relationships
Case Resolution, Canceling and Deleting
Assigning Case Records
Working with the Subject Tree
Working with the Case List and Views
Attaching Knowledge Base Articles to Cases
Lab: Merging Cases

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Understanding SLA's
Creating a Default SLA
Defining Customer Service Schedules
Adding KPI to SLAs
Lab: Creating a 'Resolve by' KPI
Understanding Entitlement and their relationship with SLAs
Creating Entitlement Templates
Lab: Create and Entitlement
Understanding and Creating a Routing Rule Set

Service Scheduling

Service Scheduling Scenarios
Service Scheduling Terminology
Service Scheduling Process
Resources, Services and Selection Rules
Understand Sites and Same-Site Requirements
Manage Business Closures
Working with Service Activities and the Service Calendar
Close, Cancel, or Reschedule a Service Activity
Lab: Schedule a Service by Using a Same-Site Requirement

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