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Fastrack2Win Svr 2003: (part 2) Imp Manage and Maint a Win 2003

  • Price £1,955.00
  • Duration 5 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


This five-day instructor-led course forms part of the Fastrack2Windows 2003 MCSE programme. By combining Microsoft Official Curriculum with a focused and accelerated delivery, an individual can gain a deep understanding of Windows 2003 technologies in the shortest possible time. With a quicker pace of delivery, these courses are designed for individuals with existing Windows experience who need to achieve MCSE level skills. The course provides students with the knowledge and skills to configure a Windows-based computer to operate in a Microsoft Windows® Server 2003 networking infrastructure. Particular emphasise is placed in understanding and managing TCP/IP.

Given the nature of ‘Fastrack’ courses, delegates will need to be prepared to spend study time in the evenings to fully cover the syllabus.


This is a Fastrack2Windows Server 2003 course designed for those individuals who need and are capable of absorbing technical content quickly. Typically you will be an experienced Windows Server Administrators who wants to either achieve MCSE certification in the shortest possible time or need to acquire Windows Server 2003 skills to support an internal deployment. 12 months experience of second or third line support of a Windows 2000 based infrastructure would be the recommended minimum level of exposure. Delegates will be expected to have successfully completed

Fastrack2Windows Server 2003: (Part 1) Managing and Maintaining the Windows Server 2003 Environment

or Microsoft courses





Delegates will learn how to:

•Configure a host to use a static IP address
•Assign IP addresses in a multiple subnet network
•Describe the IP routing process
•Configure a host to obtain an IP address automatically
•Configure a host so that automatic private IP address configuration is disabled
•Configure a host to use name servers
•Isolate common connectivity issues – Install and configure routing by using the Routing and Remote Access service
•Install and configure the DHCP Server service
•Manage and monitor DHCP
•Configure host and network basic input/output system (NetBIOS) names resolution
•Install and configure the DNS Server service
•Manage and monitor DNS
•Secure IP traffic by using IPSec and certificates
•Describe the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) protocol architecture
•Calculate a subnet mask
•Convert Internet Protocol (IP) addresses between decimal and binary
•Create subnets
•Install, configure, and manage WINS
•Implement a network access infrastructure by configuring the connections for virtual, dial-up, and wireless clients
•Manage and monitor remote connections in a network access infrastructure

Course Content

•Reviewing the suite of TCP/IP protocols;
•Assigning ip addresses in a multiple subnet network;
•Configuring a client ip address;
•Configuring a client for name resolution;
•Isolating common connectivity issues
•Configuring routing by using routing and remote access
•Allocating ip addressing by using dynamic host configuration protocol
•Managing and monitoring dynamic host configuration protocol (dhcp)
•Resolving names
•Resolving host names by using domain name system (dns)
•Managing and monitoring domain name system
•Resolving netbios names by using windows inernet naming service
•Securing network traffic by using ipsec and certificates
•Configuring network access
•Managing and monitoring network access

Leads to examination
•70-291 – Implementing Managing and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure

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