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Fundamentals of IBM Lotus Domino 8.5 Application Development

  • Price £2,345.00
  • Duration 5 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


In this course, you will learn to create and modify database applications using IBM Lotus Domino Designer 8.5.1. This course provides an overview of the Lotus Domino 8.5.1 and Domino Designer 8.5.1 environments, introduces the elements and skills used to create single-database Domino applications, describes how you can use the Formula language and XPages to enhance the functionality of a Domino application, and explains how you can securely deploy Domino applications.

This course is for application developers new to Lotus Domino Designer 8.5.1 that will develop applications for Lotus Notes and Web clients.


You should have:

•Experience using the IBM Lotus Notes client, Web browser,or both, to access applications.
•Experience in developing one or more applications using other application development tools is recommended.


See Course Content

Course Content

You will be able to use the features, functions, and procedures in Lotus Domino Designer 8.5.1 to:

•Explore the foundation of Lotus Domino applications
•Navigate the Lotus Domino Designer 8.5.1 design environment
•Create applications
•Generate pages
•Build forms
•Construct views
•Examine the fundamentals of writing formulas in Lotus Domino
•Add functionality to forms by using formulas
•Insert functionality into views by using formulas
•Enhance the appearance and functionality of forms
•Enhance the appearance and functionality of views
•Use actions to automate tasks
•Create and design XPages
•Work with custom controls
•Move from forms to XPages
•Work with agents to automate tasks
•Plan and apply security for Lotus Domino applications
•Deploy an application

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