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Fundamentals of Selling

  • Price £345.00
  • Duration 1 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


Fundamentals of Selling provides an overview of the basics of selling with an emphasis on the different stages of the sales cycle. It provides guidelines and best practices for preparing to sell, finding and qualifying prospects, making sales presentations, negotiating the close, and following up after the sale. By applying the tools and techniques presented in this course, sales professionals will benefit by increasing their sales efficiency and effectiveness.




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Course Content

Selling Basics
Identify Buyer Motivations
Identify Types of Selling
Select a Sales Approach
Communicate with Prospective Customers

Preparing to Sell
Prepare Yourself to Sell
Sell Using the Sales Cycle

Finding and Qualifying Prospects
Identify Potential Sources for Finding Sales Leads
Develop an Ideal Customer Profile
Qualify Sales Prospects

Making the Presentation and Closing the Sale
Get to Know Your Prospect
Plan Your Presentation
Give Your Presentation
Close the Sale

Following Up After the Sales Call
Determine the Appropriate Follow-up Method
Develop a Customer Service Program


Select a sales approach so that it matches the sales situation and the needs of the buyer

Prepare for each sales encounter and sell using the sales cycle so that increased sales are achieved

Find and qualify a sales prospect so that the prospect is likely to benefit from and buy the product or service being sold

Make a sales presentation and close the sale so that the customer is satisfied with the deal

Follow up after a sales call so that a successful ongoing sales relationship is built with the buyer

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