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Google Android Development

  • Price £1,750.00
  • Duration 5 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


The Amsys 5 day Android development course covers the essentials for writing applications for Google Android Devices.

During the course you will gain an insight into how the Android operating system functions.

During the hands on labs you will be working with Java and the Eclipse IDE on Mac OS X or under Windows so an understanding of Java is essential.


An experienced Java programmer
Interested in learning the Android SDK to develop code for the Android platform

Assumed Knowledge

Get to know the essentials of the Android SDK. Learn the tools, the libraries, the concepts, and the best ways to get things done, with plenty of hands-on exercises to reinforce it all.

Learn to develop Android applications that take full advantage of many of the powerful and sophisticated features of this platform.

◾Use Eclipse to develop and debug Android applications
◾Build resizeable user interfaces
◾Communicate between and within Android applications using Intents
◾Create Services to represent behind the scenes aspects of your application
◾Set up text input from the hardware or software keyboard
◾Display scrolling lists and grids with custom layouts
◾Learn to properly handle rotation of the device
◾Parse and display XML from web services
◾Use AsyncTask to background long running work
◾Display context menus and search dialogs with the hardware search and menu buttons
◾Listen and respond to touch events
◾Make your application’s data persistent
◾Displaying images and sounds
◾Publishing your app to the Android Market Place

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