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Help Desk Basic Troubleshooting for IBM Lotus Domino 8

  • Price £915.00
  • Duration 2 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


This course is for IBM Lotus Domino firstlevel Help Desk representatives ready to become firstlevel Help Desk representatives. It is the most recent course in the Lotus Notes product line training for intermediatelevel information.

It is targeted at Lotus Notes 8 firstlevel Help Desk support representatives ready to become secondlevel support representatives.


The prerequisite for this course is the IBM elearning course entitled Help Desk Fundamentals for IBM Lotus Domino 8, or equivalent knowledge, skills, and experience.


As a first level Help Desk support specialist, you should be able to help users complete daily work using the Lotus Notes client including : starting Lotus Notes, passwords, Location and Connection documents, User Preferences, IBM Lotus Sametime integration, and any other issue that can be resolved in five minutes or less.

In a secondlevel Help Desk role, you will be challenged by more complex problems, including issues such as password security, ID recovery, troubleshooting a users mail file or access to a database, and providing indepth information into managing Notes databases, replication, and Web access.

The information in this course should help you to resolve these issues for users quickly, accurately, and efficiently.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Introducing Help Desk Troubleshooting Resources
Lesson 2: Managing the User’s Workstation
Lesson 3: Managing Server and Database Security Issues
Lesson 4: Managing User Database Issues
Lesson 5: Troubleshooting Mail Routing and Delivery
Lesson 6: Troubleshooting IBM Lotus Notes Mail Issues
Lesson 7: Troubleshooting Replication

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