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HTML, Javascript & XML

  • Price £1,695.00
  • Duration 5 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


This standard course provides an in-depth 5-day development programme to cover and explore the main development technologies used to develop internet ready applications.

Uniquely combining HTML, JavaScript and XML within a standard 5-day class, students will learn the full Internet development tools necessary to understand and deliver Internet pages and applications using any overlaying development technology. This course also provides the necessary skills needed to act as pre-requisite to Java development for the Internet.

Oracle is used as the example database platform.




See Course Content

Course Content

Intoduction to HTML
Introduction to Internet Technology
History of the Internet

HTML Document Structure
HTML tags, Using reserved/special characters in HTML
Inserting Comments
The title & body tags

Basic Text Commands
Physical style tags
Content Style tags
Working with Fonts

Images & Multimedia
Image formats - a discussion on using images and their impact on download time
The img tag - using images in your web document
Using audio in your web document
Image Maps

Using Hyperlinks
IP addresses
Linking to other areas of your website
Linking to other web sites

Using Tables
Detailed look at using tables to format your HTML document
Advanced table tags - using captions
Headers and footers

Cascading Style Sheets
In-line styles
Document level styles
External style sheets
A discussion of the benefits and drawbacks of using the various style types

HTML Forms
Methods of sending data using forms
Encryption of form's content
Emailing a form's content
Text field
Check boxes
Radio buttons
Text areas
Pull-down lists
Password and hidden field types
Discussion on form design

Using frames and frameset tags
Coping with non-frame browsers
Inline frames

The JavaScript Language
JavaScript operators
Flow control statements
String methods
indexOf(), substring(), split()

The Document Object Model
The Math Object
The Date Object

Controlling Frames
Frames and the DOM
Using JavaScript to control frames

Timing your JavaScript
Using setTimeout()

Event Handlers
Event Handlers

Images & JavaScript
Simple and complex rollovers

Forms & JavaScript
Using JavaScript to validate a form's fields

Introduction to XML
Overview of Concepts

XML Concepts
What is XML?
XML Syntax and Structure,
XML parser and APIs

Retrieve data with XSQL

XML Schemas
What is an XML schema?
Schemas and DTD
XSD features

Format/Present XML & Data(XSL)
XSL Language
XSL for transformation

Parsing & Validating XML Docs
Review of parsing
XML parsers for programming languages
The DOM parser
Business logic and computation
SAX: Simple API for XML

Using XSU
The XML SQL Utilities
Benefits of XSU
Generating DTD
XSU: inserting and updating rows
XSU: installation and requirements Storing and Searching XML
Methods for storing XML
Storage as LOBs, CLOB
Untagged data
Storage as relational data

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