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HTML Programming

  • Price £695.00
  • Duration 2 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


The objective of this course is to provide the necessary skills to enable the development of Technical Staff to enhance their programming skills in HTML. Attendees will build on their knowledge and learn detailed functionality available in designing web pages.

We recommend students to attend this course along with the JavaScript Programming course as an in-depth alternative for the serious programmer, rather than the fast track HTML & JavaScript (fast). An appreciation of another Structured Programming Language such as Oracle SQL & PL/SQL may be helpful when attending this course.


Working knowledge of PC technology


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Course Content

Introduction to HTML
Introduction to Internet Technology,
History of the Internet,
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HTML Document Structure
HTML tags,
Using reserved/special characters in HTML,
Inserting Comments,
The title & body tags.
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Basic Text Commands
Physical style tags,
Content Style tags,
Working with Fonts.
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Images & Multimedia
Image formats - a discussion of using images and its impact on download time.
The img tag - using images in your web document,
Using audio in your web document.
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Using Hyperlinks
IP addresses,
Linking to other areas of your website,
Linking to other web sites,
Image Maps.
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Using Lists
Detailed look at the various HTML list types.
A discussion of which list to use and when.
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Using Tables
Detailed look at using tables to format your HTML document.
Advanced table tags - using captions, headers and footers.
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Cascading Style Sheets
In-line styles,
Document level styles,
External style sheets,
A discussion of the benefits and drawbacks of using the various style types.
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HTML Forms
Methods of sending data using forms,
Encryption of form's content,
Emailing a form's content,
Text fields, check boxes, radio buttons, text areas, pull-down lists, password and hidden field types.
Discussion on form design.
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Using frames and frameset tags,
Coping with non-frame browsers,
Inline frames.

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