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HTML5 - 301: Black Belt

HTML5 - 301: Black Belt
  • Price £497.00
  • Level Advanced
  • Duration 2 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


this course takes experienced HTML developers to an advanced level of competence. Current and emerging HTML development approached are thoroughly explored to make the most of the opportunities across platforms and browsers.


Experienced HTML developers looking to maintain a high level of competency in emerging HTML techniques.

Assumed Knowledge

A really good understanding of HTML, CSS and some Javascript is required to get he most from this course.


On course completion you will be able to: implement AJAX solutions, use Web Sopckets and Web Workers effectively, engage with Geolocation and persistent local storage on capable devices.

Course Content


  • Cross-document XHR
  • Progress events
  • Server-sent Events

Offline Applications

  • Anatomy of an Offline Application
  • Caching Types
  • Progression of Events
  • Offline Events
  • Manual and Automatic Updates
  • ‘Always On’ Journal Application
  • Manifest Errors


  • Geolocation Options
  • Browser Support
  • Get Current Location
  • Watch Position
  • Position Options

HTML5 Web Storage

  • Persistent Task List
  • Session-based Shopping Cart
  • Handling the Storage Event
  • Access Methods
  • Handling Storage Limits

Web Workers

  • Building complex calculations with and without a Web Worker
  • String and JSON Messages
  • Ajax in a Worker
  • Controlling Workers

Web Sockets

  • Web Sockets vs. HTTP
  • Browser Support

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