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HTML5 for Mobile

  • Price £350.00
  • Duration 1 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


HTML5 for Mobile Development Training is a 1 day training course which is focused on the use of HTML5 for developing content for mobile devices.

Developing for mobiles and tablets using the plethora of mobile operating systems such as WebOS, Blackberry, Android, Bada, iOS and Symbian, is enough to put any sane developer off. However, the new features available in HTML5 coupled with CSS3 and JavaScript mean that we can now develop websites that look and behave like native apps, but only require one development environment. This course is designed to extend skills beyond designing for the desktop browser to mobile- and tablet-friendly alternatives.


Anybody looking to use HTML5 for creating mobile friendly content that can work across multiple devices.

Assumed Knowledge

You should have completed the HTML5 Getting Started course before attending this course. You may also find it useful to attend the Advanced HTML5 course although this is not a specific prerequisite for the course.

Course Content

•Background / history
•Operating systems
•Desktop vs smart phone
•Graphics resolution
•Mobile web browsers

Setting up your development environment/ framework
•Aptana Studio/Dreamweaver
•Android SDK Manager
•jQuery Mobile
•Sencha Touch
•html5boilerplate mobile

Development tools
•emulators & simulators
•multi-touch for the desktop
•performance testing

Developing with jQuery Mobile
•CSS DOM control
•Data control
•Visual effects
•DOM manipulation

•Building a basic jQTouch site
•Adding pages
•Creating lists
•Adding buttons
•Richer form elements
•Creating a floating toolbar
•Auto titling
•Location aware solutions
•Creating your own extensions
•Animation effects

Developing with Sencha Touch
•Creating the first page
•User interface elements•Buttons
•Enhancing content with carousel and tabs
•Controlling video

•Overview of PhoneGap
•Using PhoneGap with DreamWeaver

n.b: html5 is a rapid and continually developing technology and as such whilst we endeavour to stick close to the above overview topics, we reserve the right to alter this to accomodate the current state of HTML5 and availability of features.

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