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HTML5 Getting Started

  • Price £495.00
  • Duration 2 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


The HTML5 Getting Started training course is a two day classroom based learning course which teaches you about the great new features being introduced with HTML5 and CSS3.

This course covers a range of topics such as video and audio support, HTML5 APIs, Canvas and SVG, HTML5 Forms, HTML5 Offline Applications, HTML5 Storage and lots more.


This course is aimed at those who have already completed the Intro to HTML course or have equivalent experience already. You should also have a basic knowledge of CSS or have completed our CSS online course.

Course Content

HTML5 Overview
•History of HTML5
•WHATWG and W3C specifications
•What is part of HTML5?

Using HTML5 Today
•When can I use these features?
•Using HTML5 on mobile devices
•HTML5 or Flash
•Developer Tools
•Detecting HTML5 features

HTML5 Markup
•HTML5 page structure
•HTML5 markup
•Structural elements
•Semantic elements
•Deprecated elements


HTML5 Forms
•HTML5 form elements
•Building and using HTML5 forms

HTML5 Offline Applications
•HTML5 offline applications
•Manifest files

HTML5 Audio and Video
•The audio and video elements
•Understanding audio and video
•Audio and video containers
•Audio and video codecs

HTML5 Canvas
•Canvas basics

•How to use SVG
•JavaScript libraries that help with drawing eg: Raphaël, gRaphaël, Visualize, etc

HTML5 Web Sockets*
•Web Sockets overview

HTML5 Geolocation*
•Geolocation overview

HTML5 Storage*
•Local Storage
•Session Storage

Drag and Drop*

Web Workers - asynchronous scripts*

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