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ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management Skills

  • Price £1,495.00
  • Duration 6 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


The programme covers four core areas of management:

Solving problems and making decisions
Identifying problems - ways to recognise, investigate and analyse problems
Techniques - brainstorming and creative thinking techniques
Investigation - gathering and interpreting information to identify options to solve problems
Critical information - importance of adequate and relevant information for effective decision making
Decision making - evaluating options and justifying decisions taken
Making it happen - implementing and communicating decisions
Follow up on results - monitoring and reviewing techniques to evaluate outcome.
Understanding leadership
Effective leadership - understanding the factors that influence choice of leadership style
Leadership impact - reviewing how different leadership behaviours can have a positive or negative effect on individuals and the team
Power and authority - understanding personal and positional power
Personal leadership development - an opportunity for delegates to assess their own l leadership behaviours and take action to enhance their own effectiveness in the workplace.
Understanding how to establish an effective team
Teams in organisations - reviewing the difference between groups and teams
High performing teams - leading and developing teams at different stages of their development, aiming high
Effective relationships - nurturing and building trust and respect within the team
Team roles - understanding different team roles and valuing individual contributions
Team potential - promoting and orchestrating team strengths and developing a balanced team
Communication - encouraging open communication and keeping people informed
Understanding how to motivate to perform in the workplace
Levels of motivation - understanding practical theories of motivation and application to individuals and teams
Encouraging positive behaviours - understanding styles and patterns of behaviour at work and understanding factors that influence behaviour at work
Encouraging positive behaviours - encouraging positive attitudes and reducing negativity
Engaging people - creating environments that encourage employee engagement to improve performance and productivity.


Develop the core knowledge, skills and behaviours to undertake their role with increased confidence and competence

Gain knowledge of a range of tools and techniques to aid problem solving, personal leadership and creating an environment where teams and individuals ‘give of their best’

Understand the differences they observe in people and know how to increase trust and respect across the team.

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