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Implementing IPv6

  • Price £1,295.00
  • Duration 3 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


IPv6 is the next generation Internet Protocol. This hands-on course looks at the benefits and features of the new protocol along with an assessment of the likely impact of the protocol and migration strategies. Practical exercises using PCs and routers follow the major sessions in order to reinforce the theory.

Who will benefit?
Anyone working in the field of networking.


Intro to data communications & networking.
TCP/IP fundamentals.


By the end of the course delegates will be able to:
Plan for IPv6 addressing.
Analyse IPv6 packets.
Plan a migration strategy for IPv6.
Configure PCs and routers for IPv6.

Course Content

Reasons for IPv6, IPv4 weaknesses, what is IPv6? IPv4 solutions for solving address wastage, the origins of IPv6. Hands on: IPv6 on a PC, IPv6 on a router.

IPv6 addressing
IPv6 address allocation, address format, Prefixes but no masks, address categories, scope zones, aggregatable global unicast, link local, Unicast, Multicast, Anycast. Hands on: Link local addresses, manual address configuration, name resolution.

Plug and play
Plug and play addressing, ARPless IPv6, stateful autoconfiguration and stateless autoconfiguration. Hands on: Plug and play addresses and default gateways.

The IPv6 header
The IPv4 header, IPv6 header format, QoS, flow control, priority field, extension headers, hop by hop, destinations header, fragmentation header, security, IPSec, AH, ESP, TCP and UDP, ICMPv6. Hands on: IPv6 packet analysis.

Migrating to IPv6
Overview, migration, dual stack, IPv4 compatible addresses, DNS, IPv6 DNS issues, AAAA records, IPv6 reverse delegation, DNS transport, protocol translators, NAT-PT, NAPT-PT, tunnelling, tunnel establishment, tunnel brokers, Tunnel types. Hands on: Dual stack operation, tunnelling, IPv6 name resolution.

IPv6 routing
IPv6 routing, RIPng packet format, RIPng for IPv6, OSPF for IPv6, MBGP, multiprotocol routing, MBGP and multicasts, MBGP and IPv6. Hands on: Base router setup for IPv6, IPv6 static routes, RIPng, OSPFv3. MBGP.

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