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InDesign for Interactive PDFs

InDesign for Interactive PDFs
  • Price £297.00
  • Level Intermediate
  • Duration 1 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


PDFs are useful things, not only for print documents, but also for online information. A fairly common design task is that of reproducing a company brochure that’s available in print, on the web.
Where you have a document that’s going to be viewed electronically, PDF can offer a lot more than just static pages of text and images; you can also add interactivity, links, and embedded video.

Indesign even lets you create page transitions within PDF documents. In this tutorial we’re going to learn how to embed video into our documents and set up a Poster image alternative to use when the user want to print the file.


Indesign Enthusiasts

Assumed Knowledge

You’ll have taken the Indesign 101: Rookie class or have equivalnet knowledge


Embed videos, buttons and rollover effects to create dynamic, interactive PDF files that will entice your readers.

Course Content

Create a presentation

  • Create a master slide
  • Create interactive PDFs that are print-friendly

Presentation Effects and Interactivity

  • Add page transitions
  • Include Flash SWF content


  • Create Hyperlinks
  • Create Emails
  • Create Bookmarks
  • Create Text anchors


  • Create custom buttons/navigation
  • Add Events and Actions
  • Create custom button graphic states
  • Create pop-up menus
  • Add sound to buttons
  • Add text tips
  • Control printing of buttons


  • Add video
  • Convert video to the appropriate video formats
  • Make video print-friendly using a poster
  • Discover video settings
  • Add sound
  • Explore sound settings


  • Control Reading order
  • Set Tab order
  • Add Alt text


  • Explore the Export settings

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