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Introduction to Administering Final Cut Server (FCSvr101)

  • Price £895.00
  • Duration 2 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


This two-day class guides you through administering Final Cut Server, Apple's powerful new media asset management and workflow automation software. Final Cut Server takes the headache out of managing large collections of media files, then extends to tracking job status, managing reviews and approvals, and automating complex sequences of tasks all in a single product designed to work seamlessly with Final Cut Studio. The course combines of lectures and hands-on case study exercises to provide practical real-world experience.

This course covers the knowledge necessary to become an Apple Certified Pro, Level One in Final Cut Server


Understanding of Mac OS X in a network environment. Basic troubleshooting experience Thorough knowledge of Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Studio.


Understanding the features of Final Cut Server, Connecting to devices, Automating workflow with Final Cut Server and Compressor, Using Final Cut Server tools to monitor and troubleshoot jobs, Understanding integration with Final Cut Studio applications

Course Content

Using Final Cut Server - Overview of Final Cut Server, Client/Server/Device Paradigms and Diagrams, Understanding Assets, Proxies, Metadata, Productions and Jobs, Downloading the Client Application, Installing Final Cut Server, Logging into Final Cut Server, and Interface Overview

Working with Assets - Performing Basic & Advanced Searches for Assets, Viewing Asset Details, Adding Metadata, Annotating Assets, Uploading Assets into Final Cut Server, Previewing & Adding Assets to Cache, Preparing Assets for Disconnected Use, Exporting Assets out of Final Cut Server, Archiving, Restoring, & Deleting Assets, Duplicating Assets to Different Devices, Checking Out, Checking In, Locking, & Unlocking Assets

Working with Final Cut Studio Projects - Adding Final Cut Studio Projects to Final Cut Server, Working with FCP Project Assets, Working with Elements, Check Out and Check In with FCP Project Assets, Exporting FCP Project Assets, Using Media Prepared for Disconnected Use and Archiving Assets Associated with Final Cut Pro Projects

Working with Productions - Searching for Productions, Associating Assets with Productions during Upload, Creating Productions, the Production Contextual Menu, Viewing Production Details, Adding Assets to Productions, and Deleting Productions

Working with Devices - Searching a Device for Files, Viewing Device Content, the File Contextual Menu, Viewing File Details, Cataloging a Device File, Viewing the File, Using Export and Duplicate, and Deleting Files

Working with Jobs - Viewing the Downloads and Uploads Window, Viewing the Jobs Window, Searching Jobs, the Jobs Contextual Menu, and Viewing Job Details with Callouts

Basic Final Cut Server Administration - Administration Overview, Administration Tools within the System Preferences, Defining Groups and Permission Sets, Defining Devices, Defining Watchers, Defining Metadata Subscriptions and Backing Up the Final Cut Server Database

Advanced Final Cut Server Administration - Administration Tools within the Client Application, Defining Transcoding Settings, Defining Devices (Advanced) Defining Watchers, Defining Scheduled Events, Defining Metadata Subscriptions (Advanced), Defining Responses and Response Details, Adding/Editing MetaData, Adding/Editing Permission Sets, and Admin Preferences

Workflow Scenarios - Understanding Common Workflows, Paradigms, Diagrams and Instructions

Best Practices for Installation - Optimizing Final Cut Server, Optimizing your LAN, Planning File Locations, Optimizing Transcoding Operations, and Installing Final Cut Server

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