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Introduction to Performance Testing Workshop

  • Price £295.00
  • Duration 1 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


This comprehensive course covers all the essential principles of Performance Testing.
Designed for beginners as well as testers with previous non-functional testing experience, it explains the different types of performance testing and why it is important, software & hardware requirements, how to design effective performance tests, test execution and analysis. This is a non-tool specific course, but demos are shown using a popular performance tool to aid understanding.
Throughout the course practical examples are demonstrated, and the delegates have exercises at the end of every chapter to aid comprehension.


  • Understand the key principles of Non-Functional Testing
  • Understand how to plan for an effective performance test
  • Understand the team responsibilities in performance testing
  • Learn how to design the test and execute it
  • Look at analysis tools and how to identify bottlenecks in the System Under Test

Course Content

What is Performance testing. Types of Performance Tests, understanding workload, alternatives to performance testing, considerations before engagement.
Software & Hardware
Hardware, Software, Resources requirements, Virtual Users, The Controller, the Analysis component. System Architecture, testing through Firewalls, Geography specific testing
Planning an Effective Performance Test
Understanding workload and the 'Peak Hour', application concurrency, data requirements and monitoring strategy
Execution & Reporting
A look at Hardware & Software monitors, Network delay information, protocol specific information. The different kinds of Scenario Profiles. Reporting - what to report, what is a pass/fail
Analysis & Investigation
Understanding Transactional response times and transaction pass/fail numbers. Identifying high risk transactions. Improvement and re-runs.
Conclusion & Demo
See what the theory looks like in practice, a demo using one of the most popular Performance Testing Tools.

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