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Introduction to the iPad for Helpdesk

  • Price £350.00
  • Duration 1 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


Helpdesk – Understanding the iPad has been designed to show you how to get the most out of your iPad. The course covers all the key things that you need to know when using an iPad, including common issues like file sharing and printing. This is an entirely practical, hands on course where you will undertake exercises for every point covered.

The second half of the day covers more technical details aimed at those IT staff required to support iPads in the enterprise.


You will learn how to get the best out of this amazing product. It covers all the key things you need to know when using an iPad including, gestures (taps and swipes), connecting to the internet and sending files. We will also cover troubleshooting the iPad and will take a look at common issues.

Course Content


• The iPad, its buttons, sockets and what they will and what they won’t do.
• Connecting earphones and wireless keyboards.
• Interacting with your iPad, gestures, taps, data entry and the built in and wireless keyboards.

iPad Connectivity

• Connecting to the web – Configuring the Wi-Fi connection.
• Setting up your email accounts, email management, email deletion and backup.
• Web browsing tips, adding and syncing bookmarks. iPad Apps:
• Using the built-in apps, adding more apps from the Apple App store.
• Using iBooks and eBooks. Adding free and purchased electronic books.
• Getting files on and off of the iPad.

iPad Productivity

• Apple’s Productivity Apps – iWork: Pages, Keynote, Numbers plus third party business related apps.
• Creating/Importing presentations from your iPad.
• Overview of Custom built business Apps.

iPad Media

• Media on the iPad – listening to music and podcasts, viewing photo’s and watching video.

iPad Activation

• Activating the iPad via iTunes.
• iTunes activation only mode.
• On Device activation

iPad Syncing, Backup, Restore and Updates

• Syncing data with your computer via iTunes.
• Syncing data via the web.
• Restoring data
• iOS Updates


• Using iCloud between devices
• Find my iPad

iPad Printing

• Printing from an iPad via AirPrint or third party apps and applications.

Troubleshooting the iPad

• Dealing with frozen Apps
• Reset options
• Restarting the iPad
• Wipe and restore the iPad

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