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iOS Support and Troubleshooting

  • Duration 1 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


Do you have users with iPhones and iPads in your business but don’t know how to support them?
Are you getting requests for iOS devices to be used at work but haven’t the technical knowledge to configure and look after them?
Have you a need to understand how to troubleshoot iOS devices effectively?
Are you a Mac fanatic that just wants to know what makes iOS devices tick?
If the answer to any of these is ‘yes’, then why not attend the iOS10 Support and Troubleshooting course.
The iOS10 Support and Troubleshooting training course is a 1 day leader led course designed to demonstrate and discuss how to configure and support Apple's iOS devices.
The key focus of this course will be to provide you with the skills and techniques needed to successfully and efficiently support and
troubleshoot iOS10 devices.
It covers all the key things you need to know when using an iOS device including common issues, along with a collection of tips and
recommendations on how to support and troubleshoot them.
This course includes plenty of hands on where you can follow the instructor through out the day.


 • Help desk specialists, technical coordinators, service technicians or IT professionals who are in need of a better understanding of how iOS devices function.
• Technical coordinators or power users who manage networks where iOS Devices are required to be used.
• Technicians and end users considering implementing iOS devices into their business or home or needing to support iOS devices at any level.
• Resellers, distributors, systems integrators, and consultants who are selling or integrating iOS Devices.


Key features of the iOS Devices including the new and updated features included in iOS10.
How to get the best out of an iOS device and increase productivity
Networking capabilities available on iOS devices, Wi-Fi configuration and troubleshooting, Email accounts, File sharing and cloud-based
storage access. VPN, Microsoft Exchange and MDM integration.
Apple ID overview, how to create and manage accounts and leverage iCloud services.
How iTunes works and its features, including the App Store.
Best practices for syncing iOS devices using USB or wireless solutions, including backup and restore features.
Security best practices with relation to iOS, Apps and hardware security.
Troubleshooting tips and solutions for iOS devices.
How to save time and money by efficiently supporting iOS devices.
Plus much more! 

Course Content

 • iOS10 Overview: iOS10 Device introduction: iOS10 Activation and initial setup. iOS10 Key features including Touchscreen Gestures, Control Center, Screen Orientation, Spotlight Searching, Notification Centre, Multitasking, Accessibility, Siri and Location Services.
• Connecting: earphones and wireless keyboards. Printing from an iOS device via AirPrint or third party apps and applications. Wirelessly stream content with AirPlay and wirelessly share content with AirDrop. Continuity and Handoff features.
• iOS10 Connectivity and Integration: Wi-Fi and internet connection overview. Setting up your email accounts, email management, email
deletion and backup. File Services, WebDAV shares and connecting to Cloud Services. VPN Services. Microsoft Exchange and ActiveSync
Support. Configuration Profiles and MDM solution overview.
• Apple ID and iCloud: Apple ID setup and usage, iTunes Gift Cards and VPP. iCloud setup and usage. Using iCloud between devices.
iCloud Keychain. Find my iPhone including Activation Lock feature.
• iTunes and Apps: Using the built-in apps, adding more apps from the Apple App store. Overview of a collection of useful business and
support apps.
• Data Management: Syncing data with your computer via iTunes. Syncing data via the web. iTunes and iCloud Backup and Restore
options. iOS updates.
• Device Security: Passcode and Touch ID overview. iOS Restrictions overview and setup. Data Security and encryption. Local and
Remote wipe options.
• iOS10 Troubleshooting and Troubleshooting: Overview of useful Apple Support Articles. Apple ID troubleshooting. Device ownership
issues. iOS tips and tricks. Dealing with frozen Apps. Wi-Fi and cellular network troubleshooting. Various Hardware and Software Restart
and Reset options. Device Diagnostic and Restore Boot Modes.

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