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iPhone SDK Workshop

  • Price £1,750.00
  • Duration 5 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


Now Updated for Xcode 4.6 and iOS 6

Learn to use the iOS SDK, Xcode, and Interface Builder to develop native iPhone and iPad applications.

Our rapidly-paced, hands-on courses will get you comfortable quickly with the language, the tools, and the frameworks, while giving you deep insights into their underlying mechanisms.


Have some experience of ‘C’ and Objective-C
Are interested in learning the iOS SDK to develop code for the iPhone/iPad platform


Get to know the essentials of the iOS SDK. Learn the tools, the libraries, the concepts, and the best ways to get things done, with plenty of hands-on exercises to reinforce it all.

Learn to use Xcode, Interface Builder, and the UIKit framework to develop iPhone applications that take full advantage of many of the powerful and sophisticated features of this amazing new platform.

  • Get up to speed fast on Xcode and Interface Builder
  • Learn most of the common frameworks used in iOS development
  • Built a variety of apps including a simple news reader, multi view apps as well as utilising all the common controls such as buttons, switches, sliders, tables, maps etc.
  • Learn how to design, code, build, and debug iPhone applications
  • Learn how take advantage of iPad specific features such as split views and popup menus.

Course Content

  • Understand the structure of an iOS application
  • Learn how to utilise the built in controls including buttons, switches, sliders, segments, alerts and actions sheets
  • Learn how to scroll content including pinch and zoom and paging
  • Learn how to support rotation within your application
  • Lean how to build manual navigation systems between different screens
  • Build apps using navigation controllers
  • Build apps using tab bar controllers
  • An in depth look at storyboards
  • An in depth look at tables
  • Learn how to utilise pickers
  • Learn how to pull information from a web based service such as an RSS feed
  • Build apps that can display standard web content
  • Build apps utilising split view controllers on iPad
  • Add notifications to your application
  • Utilise map kit with your application
  • Add collection views to your app which is new to iOS 6
  • Learn about auto layout and how this helps you build apps that will scale to any screen size
  • Understand how to build universal applications that run on both iPhone and iPad
  • Understand how storyboards aid you in the speedy development of iOS apps

Craft native iPhone applications

  • Anatomy of an Application: Understand what makes up an iOS application, including how it runs, resources it has accesse to and the sandboxed environment it runs under.
  • Model View Controller: Understand the principal design architecture of an iOS application, the model, view, controller.
  • Basic Interaction: Learn how to build a very simple application that interacts with buttons and text fields
  • UIControls: Understand how to use other control methods such as sliders, text fields, segments, switches, actions sheets and alerts
  • Scrolling: Learn how to create scrollable areas within your application, including the ability to scroll images
  • Views: Understand how views work and behave. Learn how to swap views to create dynamic applications.
  • Navigation Controllers: Learn how to create multi-level navigation controllers
  • Pickers: Learn how to create and utilise data pickers
  • Tables: Learn how to create and populate tables to represent data sets. Learn how to customise the view of the tables and cells.
  • Tab Bars: Learn how to create Tab Bars for utility style applications
  • Archiving: Learn how to save data to xml and NS Archives
  • Internet Access: Learn how to access an RSS feed from a web server.
  • Auto Rotation: Learn how to rotate your interface to match the orientation of your iPhone
  • Split View Controllers: Learn how to utilise the new split view controllers introduced with the iPad
  • UIWeb Views: Learn how to display live dynamic web pages directly in your application.
  • Storyboards: Learn how to use the latest feature of iOS 6 to prototype you applications views and navigation.
  • Local Notifications: Learn how to schedule and respond to local notifications.
  • MaoKit: Learn how to display maps, navigate to certain locations and drop pins as markers.

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