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Java Design Patterns

  • Price £1,875.00
  • Duration 5 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


This course offers hands-on practical coverage and grounding in the proper use of design patterns in Java. The content revolves around the use of object-oriented design patterns, these patterns being applicable to many situations and frameworks in the Java marketplace. The course is built around a central practical application, and can be delivered using either Eclipse or Oracle JDeveloper as the IDE.


Java Programming


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Course Content

Intro and Web App Architecture
Layering an Application
A Logical 3-tier architecture
Presentation Tier: MVC Pattern
Data Access Tier: Data Access
Objects Pattern
Business Logic Tier: Using Design Patterns

Design by Patterns
Why do we need Patterns?
The 'Gang of Four'.
Common Elements of Object-Oriented Patterns
Patterns to Aid Encapsulation, Polymorphism, Loose Coupling, Reuse and Maintainability
Refactoring as a Way of Life
Why Tests are Important
Write to Interfaces and NOT to Implementation
Favour Composition over Inheritance

Creational Patterns
Replace Constructors with Factory Classes
Replace Global with Singleton

Structural Patterns
Adapter Pattern to Aid Code Reuse
Tree-style Hierarchies with Composite Pattern
Adding to Functionality with Decorator Pattern
Controlling Object Access with Proxy Pattern

Behavioural Patterns
Encapsulate Invocation with Command
Loose Coupling with Observer
Exposing Collections with Iterator Pattern
Controlling Behaviour with State Pattern
Strategy: Algorithms as Objects

Putting it All Together
Thinking in Patterns
Avoid Pattern Overuse
Refactoring to Patterns

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