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Java for Web Developers Workshop

  • Price £1,295.00
  • Duration 3 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


This 3 day workshop will teach you about the capabilities of servlets, their advantages over CGI, the Servlet architecture, JDBC, session management and security.

You will learn about JSP syntax, deployment, and application models, how to use Java as a scripting language, and how to build robust and capable web applications using Servlets, JSPs and JavaBeans.

Students will leave this course armed with the skills they require to understand server side Java, develop Servlets to process HTML forms and generate dynamic content, and understand and learn how to create JSPs.

Developers will also learn to:

Leverage many of the most popular open source tools to accelerate web development
Allow Servlets to cooperate and share data
Store and process Session Information
Deal with concurrency issues
Generate dynamic content from a data model
Access a database from a web application using JDBC
Implement Security
Test web applications


Completion of Java Programming and J2EE courses.


See Course Content

Course Content

Web Architecture Fundamentals
HTTP servlets
HTTP requests
HTML basics
The Java web container

Web Application Architecture
View patterns
The MVC architecture
Layering an application

HTTP Servlets
Writing a basic HTTP servlet
Form processing
Controlling client behaviour
Sessions and cookies
Understanding scope

JavaServer Pages
Introduction to JSP
Basic JSP syntax
Implicit objects
Actions and JavaBeans
Accessing the model

Web Applications
Understanding web applications
Configuring web applications (web.xml in depth)
Overview of security
Form based security
Basic authentications
Programmatic security

Custom Tags
Introduction to custom tags
An example: DisplayTag
Developing simple custom tags
Developing advanced custom tags
Tag library listeners and validators
An overview of JSTL

Tools for Web App Development
The Eclipse IDE
The Tomcat web container
Oracle's OC4J web container

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