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Java Programming

  • Price £1,875.00
  • Duration 5 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


This course will cover all aspects of Java programming from an introductory level right through to a strong standard of Java programming. The course will teach from scratch or refresh existing knowledge by focusing on the Java language and object-oriented principles.

Suitable for


Some programming or scripting experience


See Course Content

Course Content

Java architecture overview
Introduction to the JVM
Java program structure

Declarations & Access Control
Declare, initialise and construct base types
Classes/methods/variables and associated modifiers
Constructor methods

Flow Control and Exceptions
Switch statements
Loops and loop options
Proper use of exceptions
Exception recognition
Using assertions

Garbage Collection
Understand garbage collection behaviour and eligibility

Language Fundamentals
Package declarations
Class/interface/innerclass/variable declarations
Implementing interfaces
Command line arguments
Primitives and object types

Operators and Assignments
Understand and determine operators and their effects

Overloading Runtime Type
Understand encapsulation
Write tightly encapsulated code
Invoke overloaded/overridden methods and parental or overloaded constructors
Understand polymorphism and inheritance in object oriented design

Define/instantiate/start new threads
Understand thread execution & inter-thread communication

java.lang Package & Classes
Using java.lang.Math
Understand String objects
Wrapper classes and associated methods

The Collections Framework
Arrays and collection classes/interfaces
Map/List/Set implementations and appropriate use

Java Applications
Build a simple command-line application
Intro to AWT and Swing
Layout Managers
JFrame and JPanel containers
User Interface Events
Adapter Classes

Introduction to Java Applets
What is a Java applet?
Applet lifecycle methods
Basic applet configuration
Build a simple applet
Applets and Swing
Using HTML Converter

I/O and Streams
java.io package
Creating/processing streams
The Serialization Interface

Introduction to JDBC
Using Java driver types
Statement, PreparedStatement and CallableStatement
Using the ResultSet
Using the ResultSetMetaData
Best practice and potential pitfalls

Remote Method Invocation
Distributed computing with Java RMI architecture and layers
Serializing remote objects
Building and running an RMI system

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