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Javascript 101: Yellow Belt

Javascript 101: Yellow Belt
  • Price £697.00
  • Level Introduction
  • Duration 3 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


This Hands-On course provides an intensive introduction to the features provided by
JavaScript and Dynamic HTML.


Web and IT professionals who are completely new to JavaScript and who need to gain hands-on experience of developing commercial JavaScript systems.

Assumed Knowledge

Knowledge of a mark-up language such as HTML would be advantageous.


  • Understand the JavaScript language.
  • Understand the Document Object Model and how it is used in JavaScript.
  • How to detect and respond to user actions
  • Alter, show, hide and move objects on a web page
  • Check information inputted into a form
  • How to use CSS (Cascading Stylesheets)
  • How to make JavaScript cross-browser compatible

Course Content


  • From LiveScript to JavaScript
  • Java vs JavaScript
  • Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Other programming languages

What does JavaScript do?

  • Rollovers
  • Form Validation
  • Mathematical Calculations
  • Change CSS
  • Working with HTML5 Canvas tags

Understanding JavaScript

  • Server-side vs. Client Side
  • Basics of OOP
  • JavaScript Behaviour
  • Dot Syntax
  • Understanding Properties & Methods
  • Document Object Model
  • Unobtrusive Scripting

The Language

  • Event Handlers
  • Values & Variables
  • Assignments
  • Operators
  • Comparisons

JavaScript Fundamentals

  • Writing text
  • Working with functions
  • Internal, Head & External JS
  • Commenting in JS
  • Alert Windows
  • Confirming user choice
  • If/else statements
  • Prompting the User
  • Redirects through a link
  • JavaScript enhanced links
  • Working with Referrer pages

Building a Web App

  • Designing a Bingo Card
  • Looping & Do/While Loops
  • Passing values to functions
  • Object Detection
  • Working with Arrays
  • Updating Arrays
  • Using the random() method
  • Working with functions that return values
  • Multi-level Conditionals
  • Error-Handling

Working with Images

  • Creating a Rollover
  • Creating more effective rollovers
  • Understanding the DOM
  • Building Objects in OOP

Form Handling

  • Select & Go Navigation
  • Accessibility & JavaScript
  • Changing Menus Dynamically
  • Making fields required

Making your pages dynamic

  • Placing the current date
  • Working with a dynamic timer
  • Updating the seconds dynamically

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