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JavaScript Programming

  • Price £695.00
  • Duration 2 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


This objective of this course is to provide the necessary skills to enable the development of technical staff to learn the JavaScript programming language. Students will use JavaScript within a browser environment to create online forms and create dynamic web pages manipulated through use of the Document Object Model.


Appreciation of another structured programming language
Basic understanding of HTML

Suitable For
Web Page Developers
Web Masters


See Course Content

Course Content

The JavaScript Language
Proper use of JavaScript in a modern browser environment.
JavaScript syntax
JavaScript operators
If-then-else statement

Strings & JavaScript
String functions & data manipulation

JavaScript Functions

The Document Object Model
Object oriented programming
The Window Object as an example
Objects and methods explained

JavaScript Objects
The Math object
The Data object

Controlling Windows
Opening/closing windows
Windows features

Controlling Frames
Frames and the Document Object Model, Using JavaScript to control frames.

Control Structures
Looping structures
While loops
For loops

Arrays and the document object model.

Timing your JavaScript
Using setTimeout

Event Handlers
Mouse Events
Keyboard Events
Document Events

Images & JavaScript
Simple & complex rollovers

Forms & JavaScript
Using JavaScript to validate a form¿s fields

AJAX/AHAH Overview
Asynchronous techniques with HTML and XML.

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