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Leading Technical Teams

Leading Technical Teams
  • Price £1,997.00
  • Duration 5 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


This experiential course weaves classroom theory with immediate practical application.


This course is for all leaders working in the technical field and explores the contemporary challenges of performing in a fast-paced multi-site, sometimes global environment.

Assumed Knowledge

We will send out a Belbin report for delegates to complete prior to the course.


  • Display the knowledge, skills and behaviours to project confidence
  • Understand how to build trust as a leader of a remote or virtual team
  • Develop proven communication strategies for a variety of situations
  • Unleash the talent within your team by understanding strengths and focusing on areas for development
  • Chair effective technical team meetings
  • Develop coaching and feedback skills that lead to enhanced performance
  • Manage time and allocate resources effectively
  • Think creatively in order to problem solve and make the right decisions
  • Present confidently in order to influence others.

Course Content

  • Learning the difference between managing and leading a technical team and how to build more credibility as a leader.
  • Assessing how to improve your team’s performance and teamwork.
  • Using proven strategies for communication and influence in a variety of situations.
  • Looking at the different ways people are motivated and how to mobilise the whole team together. *Working through different approaches to managing and motivating in different environments.
  • Understanding how to develop your technical team through coaching.
  • How to plan and manage meetings.
  • Managing time and priorities to do more with less.
  • Exploring techniques and methods to create new choices.
  • What causes stress and how to identify and manage conflict.
  • An opportunity to practise great presentations.

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