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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Practitioners - Part2 (inc exam)

  • Price £1,895.00
  • Duration 5 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


Lean and Six Sigma, both proven business improvement approaches, provide businesses with the ability to maximise customer, employee and shareholder value by minimising process variation and waste. This five day course builds on the Manager’s Green Belt course and provides delegates with the necessary tools and techniques to become a certified practitioner green belt and to deliver process and statistically based improvements. It provides a hands-on learning experience for delegates to develop both the technical knowledge and personal skills not covered in the Manager’s Green Belt course. The course has a stronger focus on data analysis and has been designed to develop the confidence and ability of delegates to deliver more complex, statistically based, improvement projects.


All staff expected to lead or take part in improvement projects. Delegates must have completed the Manager’s Green Belt Part 1 and have a project identified to undertake post-training to complete certification. This course is the second module in becoming a certified Green Belt. There will be an examination on the afternoon of the final day.


At the end of the five day programme delegates will understand and be able to:

•Extend their qualitative process analysis with tools and approaches for quantitative problem solving analysis
•Analyse more complex business opportunities and to deliver larger business solutions/benefits
•Manage stakeholder relationships and the change process
•Use Minitab and Excel to analyse the cause and effect of business defects and process variation
•Apply a range of statistical process control approaches to improve the ongoing management and improvement of process.

Course Content

•Introduction to Lean Six Sigma
•Goal deployment
•Failure and value demand
•Project management and tracking
•Change management
•Introduction to Minitab
•Rational sub-grouping
•Data collection techniques
•MSA methods in Minitab
•Sampling theory and plan
•Base-lining (continuous and discrete)
•Inferential statistics
•Confidence intervals
•Hypothesis testing theory and Minitab
•Analysis of variance (ANOVA)
•Future value stream mapping
•5S analysis
•Creative thinking
•Response surface experiments
•Solution selection, piloting and implementation planning
•Stakeholder analysis; training plans
•Control chart theory
•Advanced control charts
•Response charts
•Benefit validation
•Transition and audit
•Run charts and graphical analysis

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Once a delegate has satisfactorily completed the exam and demonstrated that they have led and completed an appropriate project they become a certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

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