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Lean Startup in a Day

  • Price £450.00
  • Duration 1 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


This course is for anyone involved in building new products. These can be software projects, physical products or services. The course will provide you with sufficient knowledge of Lean Start-up to give you a firm grounding in the methodology that you can then apply to your own organization.


•Principles of Entrepreneurial Management
•Validated Learning: How to build a sustainable business model for your product by applying the scientific method.
•Build-Measure-Learn: The fundamental loop for validating, testing and iterating towards successful innovative products.
•Innovation Accounting: Using becnhmarks and milestones to avoid vanity metrics and use actionable metrics.
•Engines of Growth: Paid, Sticky or Viral.
•Testing the Problem Hypothesis◦Document Your Plan: Using the Business Model Canvas.
◦Identify riskiest assumptions.
◦Generate falsifiable problem hypotheses.
◦Design research studies to test hypotheses.

•Testing the Solution Hypothesis◦How to design a minimum viable product (MVP).
◦How to test your MVP.
◦Vanity Metrics vs Actionable Metrics.
◦The Anatomy of the Pivot.

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