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Love Social Media Jumpstart

Love Social Media Jumpstart
  • Price £997.00
  • Level Introduction
  • Duration 5 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


The use of social media sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter has grown substantially over recent years and sites such as these are now an unavoidable part of an online marketing campaign. In addition, blogs remain a powerful business tool and the importance of ‘engagement’ with your target market is something that can’t be ignored.

Yet how can these tools be used effectively in a dynamic market, without being a drain on resources or reflecting badly on your business?

Love Social Media Training offers you social media training courses in multiple cities: London, Glasgow, Manchester, and onsite wherever you are in the UK and Europe. Our instructors are chosen on the basis of their capability to deliver industry-related expertise and a wealth of knowledge to give you a rich experience in Social media tools and practices.

Love Social Media Training provides you high quality social media marketing training and ensures that it is a pleasure for you to attend and learn with us. We also offer you free of charge retake of the sessions, within 6 months of your first day of training, if there’s something you forget or just need refreshing. Thats the Love Social Media “Guarantee of Learning”.

All classes at Love Social Media Training begin at 9.30 in the morning and continue till 4.30pm. Lunch and refreshments included in the price. Enroll now in one of the best Social Media training courses!


Anyone interested in learning how to leverage social media to grow their business whichever industry you are in. This class is perfect for anyone who wants to be an online marketing manager or social media strategist.

If you already work in marketing / PR or run your own company and need to learn or fill in the gaps in your existing knowledge then this class is also for you

Assumed Knowledge

To gain the most from this class, students should be familiar with the web and its terminology.


  • How to Use Facebook to Market Your Business (1 day)
  • How to Use Twitter to Market Your Business (1 day)
  • How to Use LinkedIn to Market Your Business (1 day)
  • How to Use Blogging to Market Your Business (1 day)
  • How to Use YouTube to Market Your Business (1 day)

Course Content

  • Make and maintain their own business page on Facebook
  • Make use of the latest advances that Facebook offers which are very useful for their business
  • Cross promote their page
  • Make use of plugins and plugging it in to other plugins
  • Grow the number of their business followers
  • Set up an account in Twitter both for personal and corporate branding
  • Combine Twitter marketing with the other marketing strategies
  • Integrate photos, videos, and audio
  • Monitor conversations and send private messages to followers
  • Plan for strategies to promote their products using Twitter
  • How to make an account with LinkedIn
  • How to organize LinkedIn presence
  • Building network in a very efficient way
  • How to integrate LinkedIn with your other social media strategies
  • Setting up a network of workers with LinkedIn
  • How to use LinkedIn in enhancing your brand
  • How to market themselves as well as their business
  • Writing a blog with powerful keywords and relevant contents
  • Threading – starting up a forum through comments
  • Adding photos to the blog as well as videos
  • Marketing – promoting your site/contents to other social networks, extending out with RSS, and measuring the online presence of blogs
  • The basics about YouTube Videos and the marketing strategies
  • How to create their own videos and upload it in YouTube
  • Link videos to other sites
  • Plan strategies on how to improve contents of their videos
  • Upload videos to other sites that enables sharing
  • Edit their videos
  • How to embed videos into a web page

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