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Mac Integration Basics 10.8

  • Price £275.00
  • Duration 1 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


Packed full of extra hints and tips, this course is designed for those of you bringing a Mac computer into a small business environment that is predominantly Windows-based. Windows Small Business Server is most likely the server being used. The course is also for users replacing a Windows computer with a Mac, and for reference by system administrators supporting the above users.

During this course you’ll learn all the different ways you can integrate a Mac within your organization’s network environment including how to configure your Mac to work with Active Directory, and how to take advantage of network services, file sharing, printing, instant messaging, emailing, calendars and contacts.

You’ll also learn about security at the user, local network, and remote networking levels. You’ll learn about data management, both migrating your data from a Windows computer as well as backing up your important data. Finally you’ll learn how to run Windows programs directly on your Mac, giving you total compatibility and interoperability with colleagues using Windows.


Help desk specialists, technical coordinators, service technicians and others who support Mac users in network environment dominated by the Windows Operating System, and technology specialists who manage Mac based classroom networks or computer labs in Windows based schools.

Assumed Knowledge

Students should have the following prerequisite knowledge prior to attending this course:
This material assumes you have a basic understanding of Mac OS X skills and terminology.

Course Content

  • Connecting to a Network Account Server and Configuring a Mac to Connect to a Network Account Server
  • Using Network Accounts
  • File Sharing Between Mac OS X and Windows Computers
  • Connecting to File Servers and Personal File Sharing
  • Email, Calendars and Contacts
  • Connecting to an Exchange 2007 Server
  • Email with Pop and IMAP Servers
  • Contacts, Calendars and Security
  • Using Account Security
  • System Security and Network Security
  • Printing from Mac OS X
  • Connecting USB Printers
  • Printing to a Network Printer
  • Working with PPD files
  • Instant Messaging
  • Configuring iChat
  • Other Instant Messaging Services
  • Data Management and Backup
  • Migrating Data from Windows to a Mac
  • Backing up Data
  • Cross Platform Compatibility

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