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Management of Risk (R) Foundation

  • Price £1,325.00
  • Duration 3 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


A certain amount of risk taking is inevitable if an organization is both to achieve objectives and exploit opportunities effectively. The adoption of well-managed risk taking is likely to lead to sustainable improvements in service improvement and business growth.

The Framework will allow organizations to perceive potential problems before they either arise or become a threat to achievement of objectives.

This course is aimed at Business Managers; Programme and Project Managers; Operational Managers and any other roles within an organization which need to develop their knowledge and capabilities in the Management of Risk. The course leads to the Registered Foundation qualification via a 45 minute, 45 questions, multiple-choice, closed book examination. The exam does not expire and preliminary results will be known at the end of the course followed by confirmation of results from the exam board.

Please be aware, this course also provides 21 Hours of Contact Education/Professional Development Units towards PMI PMP certification/re-certification.

During the course you will asked to provide written permission which enables us to pass on your pass mark to your employer.


•There are no specific pre-requisites for this course but delegates will be expected to have experience in Operational or Project management
•As a requirement for the exam, please bring a valid photo ID (passport or driving license) with you for the start of the course.
•If you have a medical condition that you feel may affect your performance in a formal examination (e.g. dyslexia) please contact your Account Manager well in advance of the course. The examining board can make special dispensation for this but need medical evidence and time to organize this. Exam regulations prevent us or the board-appointed invigilator acting once the training course has started.
•As part of the preparation for this course you will receive some pre-course work. M_o_R® is a comprehensive and complex method. It is absolutely essential that you plan for the defined amount of time to do the pre-course work. This will take between 10 to 15 hours. Failure to do so may seriously impair your learning. You will receive your (OGC) “Management of Risk: Guidance for Practitioners” manual on the 1st day of the course.
Please note: You must bring signed photo ID with you on any MoR exam days (passport, driving licence, student card) as you will be asked to produce it by the invigilator prior to the exam.


This course provides a route to the M_o_R Registered Foundation qualification. By the end of this course delegates will be able to use the M_o_R approach to risk management to improve performance by contributing to:

•Increased certainty and fewer surprises
•Better Service Delivery
•More effective management of change
•More efficient use of resources
•Better Management at all levels through improved decision making
•Reducing waste and fraud
•Better value for money
•Management of contingent and maintenance activities

Course Content


•What is a risk?
•Why do Risk Management?
•How risk management is part of Corporate Governance & Internal Control
•When to apply Risk Management
•What are risk specialisms

M_o_R Principles for example:

•Aligns with objectives
•Fits the context
•Engages stakeholders
•Provides clear guidance
•Informs decision making
•Facilitates continual improvement
•Creates a supportive culture
•Achieves measurable value

M_o_R Approach

•Setting up Risk Management Policies, Processes & Strategies
•Using other related documents and the relationship between them - Risk Register : Issue Register : Risk Improvement Plan : Risk Response Plan : Risk Reports : Risk Communication Plan

M_o_R Processes

•Identifying Risks
•Assessing Risks
•Planning for Implementation of Countermeasures

M_o_R Perspectives

•Roles & Responsibilities

M_o_R Embedding and Reviewing Risk Management

•Embedding the principles
•Changing the culture for risk management
•Measuring the value of risk management
•Overcoming common process barriers
•Identifying and establishing opportunities for change
•Risk management maturity model
•Health check

The M_o_R Foundation Examination

M_o_R® is a Registered Trade Mark of the Office of Government Commerce in the United Kingdom and other countries

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