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Manager to Leader

Manager to Leader
  • Price £1,475.00
  • Duration 3 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


This course will help you to grow the talent of your team; increasing their engagement and productivity. It will give you insights into how you can operate proactively rather than reactively. You will learn how to communicate your vision to your team and gain their buy-in.


The course will benefit experienced managers who wish to develop their management skill and become a better leader.


  • understand the important differences between managing and leading
  • communicate your vision to gain team commitment
  • motivate people in the right way
  • coach others to achieve key objectives
  • manage your own and others’ time
  • praise appropriately
  • deal with underperformance
  • use strategic planning tools
  • build and influence important relationships
  • manage conflicts
  • manage stress levels in yourself and others.

Course Content

  • When to manage/when to lead: examining the qualities, differences and similarities of great managers and leaders.
  • Building a well balanced team: thinkers, doers and people people.
  • Using the work of Dr Meredith Belbin to get the right people in the right place at the right time.
  • Motivating and delegating: eight things that create commitment, how to avoid typical delegation traps and keep your team members engaged.
  • Making the most of performance reviews: top tips for giving (and receiving) feedback.
  • Looking at cost effective ways to develop your team.
  • Tackling underperformance.
  • Examining a seven step approach to getting people back on track.
  • Coaching skills: practise using a proven structure to get the most from your team.
  • Handling time and pressure: strategies to make the most of your time and cope with stress.
  • Strategic planning: some useful tools to help you understand the environment in which you operate.
  • What Emotionally Intelligent leaders do.
  • Creating the best culture and climate for your team.
  • Gaining influence: how to build networks and use your power effectively.
  • Decision making traps to avoid.

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