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Managing Code Based Projects

Managing Code Based Projects
  • Price £397.00
  • Level Introduction
  • Duration 1 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


As companies are increasingly creating their own digital products, the problem faced by many is how do you manage this workflow? What should I know? How long will it take? Do you need to be a developer/coder to manage this? And what is coding anyway? To learn to write code in any language is a skill that takes time to develop. To cash in on anxious companies, jump start courses that teaching coding very quickly have appeared, and often deliver false expectations, and worse, an idea that to code you simply copy and paste.

This course does not try to teach you how to code, but to demystify it and explain how it works. It guides you through the basic platforms out there, the languages involved, and gives you practical examples of how code is created, and the difference between good and bad coding.

Anyone managing a project that involves code does not need to code themselves, but should understand the process, the terms and the skills and time involved. Spotting bad development is essential at early stages, and being able to talk the language of developers and understand them technically is important to develop good working relationships to deliver first class results.


Anyone who needs to work with developers, HTML/Web based projects, mobile apps, web apps and any other projects involving code.

Assumed Knowledge

You do not need to know anything about code or management to attend this course.


  • The basic workflow for creating code based products
  • How to design an app and manage its creation
  • Considerations about User Interface, Accessibility and Usability
  • Knowledge of the different platforms and devices
  • Explanation of the different languages used
  • Understanding the benefits of aiming a product at a single platform
  • Understanding the limitations and difficulties of cross platform development
  • Managing the time and costs of development
  • An understanding of how long things take
  • Spotting good and bad development/practices
  • Advice on how to deploy products to different platforms
  • Managing your product after its release

Course Content

Basics about code

  • what is code?
  • how long does it take to learn?
  • who can code, what type of people can learn it easily?
  • how much experience do you need to be a developer?
  • how long does coding take?
  • different approaches to code
  • a short history of code and practices

Platforms and Languages

  • why so many languages?
  • do they share common features?
  • can you easily move between the languages?
  • what languages are there, and what do they do?
  • what languages do I need to know about for my project?
  • basic terms and features of the language

Coding styles

  • what is a scripting language?
  • what is a linear language?
  • what is object orientated programming?
  • MVC?
  • what’s an API?
  • frameworks

Web Technologies

  • HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • PHP, ASP, MySQL and servers
  • back and front end development?
  • what is AJAX?
  • what is HTML 5 and CSS 3?
  • what can I do with HTML 5?
  • ePUB, Mobile Apps, Web Apps and Sites – all with HTML, CSS and JS?
  • what is Responsive Design?
  • are mobile sites a good idea?
  • Content Management Systems

Desktop App Development

  • Windows, Mac and Linux?
  • C++, Adobe Air and Java for cross platform?

Mobile App Development

  • Apple iOS and Objective C
  • Android and Java
  • Windows phones and tablets
  • aiming at one platform
  • cross Platform Development
  • phoneGap and HTML 5
  • flash?
  • location, accelerometers, compass,geolocation, augmented reality?

Web Apps

  • difference between real apps and web apps
  • can they only work online?
  • what will HTML 5 allow them to do?
  • limitations?

Managing the process of creating a digital product

  • planning a new product
  • user interface design and prototyping
  • accessibility and usability considerations
  • how long to plan a project
  • how to choose the right developers and skills
  • how long will things take?
  • planning cross platform development
  • looking out for bad coding practices
  • avoiding spaghetti code
  • following Object Orientated Practices and Model View Control patterns
  • how to manage debugging a product

Preparing for release

  • Alpha, Beta and Gold Master
  • testing your product and gathering user feedback
  • features of platforms for testing apps
  • ensuring your app logs processes and problems
  • getting feedback and crash reports Releasing your product
  • Apple, Android and Microsoft practices and market places
  • ways to promote your product
  • is my project complete?
  • managing updates and OS changes, deprecated code and API additions

Releasing your product

  • Apple, Android and Microsoft practices and market places
  • ways to promote your product
  • is my project complete?
  • managing updates and OS changes, deprecated code and API additions

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