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Microsoft Publisher 2003 Intro

  • Price £225.00
  • Duration 1 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


You’re starting Microsoft Publisher 2003, which is an easy to use, flexible program for creating newsletters, brochures, business cards, postcards and flyers, amongst others for print, email, and the Web. In this course, you will look at how to create a publication from scratch or use one of the hundreds of business and personal designs available in Publisher.

You will create, manage, revise, and print publications.

This course was designed for persons with a basic understanding of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Word who need to learn how to use Microsoft Publisher 2003 to create, layout and edit publications.


•Use a mouse
•Type and use a keyboard
•Navigate through Windows files and folders
•Work with Windows – minimise, maximise, open and close
•Save a File
•Use the Save As option


•Create a one-page publication
•Modify a publication’s layout and structure
•Edit content in a publication
•Format text
•Format pictures
•Print publications

Course Content

Getting started
•Exploring the Publisher window
•Getting help
•Closing files and closing Publisher

Creating publications
•Creating a publication
•Page setup options
•Working with pictures
•Working with text frames

Formatting publications
•Modifying text frames
•Formatting text
•Changing paragraph properties
•Using editing tools

Working with multipage publications
•Creating multipage publications
•Modifying multipage publications
•Working with master pages
•Working with text

Working with objects and graphics
•Working with AutoShape objects
•Working with pictures
•Working with WordArt

Working with tables
•Getting started with tables
•Modifying tables
•Formatting tables

Printing publications
•Printing publications

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