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Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2007 Level 1

  • Price £425.00
  • Duration 1 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


You’ve created intranet sites using Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services. There will be times when you would want to build sites that lay emphasis on your company’s unique requirements and sites that align themselves with the company’s unique brand identity. In this course, you will use Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2007 to customise your SharePoint sites and build a new subsite on the SharePoint services platform.

Note: This course has some topics which overlap with the Expression Web Level 1 course and therefore the following should be considered when choosing which course to attend:
If you are designing web sites primarily for the World Wide Web, then you should attend the Expression Web course. In this course you will create sites designed to work on web servers and use Dynamic Web Templates to create reusable content.

In the SharePoint Designer course, you will create sites based on SharePoint templates and use SharePoint’s Master Pages to generate reusable information. You will explore content specifically for use in SharePoint, such as Lists, Libraries and Workflows.

Course Objective - You will use Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2007 to create and modify a SharePoint site.

Target Student - This course is intended for SharePoint web designers and SharePoint solution developers, who want to learn to customise SharePoint sites by enhancing the look and feel of a SharePoint site and also to create dynamic pages using Web Parts and workflows.

Delivery Method - Instructor-led, group-paced, classroom-delivery learning model with structured hands-on activities.


Students should have experience to the level of or have attended QA’s Introduction to SharePoint 2007 for End Users (QASPEU07B). Also, delegates will be expected to have knowledge of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

In addition, delegates should be able to:

•Use a mouse
•Type and use a keyboard
•Navigate through Windows files and folders
•Create and save files
•Select and edit data
•Browse the Internet
•Perform basic formatting


•Familiarise yourself with the SharePoint Designer environment.
•Create a new subsite.
•Add content to a web page.
•Use Cascading Style Sheets to format a SharePoint site.
•Add basic functionality to web pages.
•Add SharePoint components to the site.
•Automate business processes with workflows.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Getting Started with the SharePoint Designer Environment
•Topic 1A: Explore the SharePoint Designer Interface
•Topic 1B: Customize the SharePoint Designer Interface
•Topic 1C: Get Help in SharePoint Designer

Lesson 2: Creating a Subsite
•Topic 2A: Create a Page Layout
•Topic 2B: Create a Master Page
•Topic 2C: Modify a Page Layout

Lesson 3: Adding Content to the Site
•Topic 3A: Add and Format Text
•Topic 3B: Work with Tables
•Topic 3C: Work with Images

Lesson 4: Working with Cascading Style Sheets
•Topic 4A: Introduction to CSS
•Topic 4B: Create an External Style Sheet
•Topic 4C: Create Internal Styles
•Topic 4D: Modify External Style Sheets

Lesson 5: Adding Basic Functionality to Web Pages
•Topic 5A: Add Hyperlinks
•Topic 5B: Create a Hotspot
•Topic 5C: Add Bookmark Links
•Topic 5D: Add an Interactive Button
•Topic 5E: Open a Page in a New Browser Window

Lesson 6: Adding SharePoint Components to the Site
•Topic 6A: Add Lists and Libraries to a Site
•Topic 6B: Work with Web Parts
•Topic 6C: Add a Link Bar
•Topic 6D: Enhance the Navigation Structure

Lesson 7: Automating Business Processes with Workflows
•Topic 7A: Create a Workflow
•Topic 7B: Modify a Workflow

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