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Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010 Level 2

  • Price £995.00
  • Duration 3 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


You are already able to utilise SharePoint Designer 2010 to create and customise a site’s lists, views and web pages, but want to extend your site’s capability to include information from external data sources, or make connections to Business Connectivity Services. You may wish to enhance your user interface by creating Data Views and create custom List and Library forms. You will learn how to use SharePoint Designer’s enhanced features to create custom workflows and publish these as SharePoint solution packages. In this course you will use these features to enhance your site’s corporate branding and data utilisation.

You will use SharePoint Designer to: connect to and display business data, create custom workflows, create branding for your site and export this information for re-use as a SharePoint solution package.

This course is intended for those power users or site administrators who are able to create SharePoint sites, lists and web pages in SharePoint Designer 2010 and now want to extend their knowledge of the product to build data driven solutions, add workflow capabilities and brand a SharePoint site.


Students should have experience to the level of or have attended the SharePoint Designer 2010 Level 1(QASPD10L1). Knowledge of HTML or CSS is necessary.


•Work with content types
•Display external business data from different sources
•Use data views to display this data effectively
•Create web part pages and customise list and library forms
•Create external content types by connecting to Business Connectivity Services
•Create list, site and reusable workflows
•Migrate workflows as a web solution package
•Manage SharePoint Designer settings for user roles and actions
•Create reports

Course Content

Module 1 – Working with Content Types
•Understand Content Types
•Locate Content Types
•Create New Content Types
•Create a Template for a Content Type

Module 2 – Using Data Views
•Add Sorting, Filtering and Grouping Controls
•Add Edit, Insert and Delete Links
•Use List Controls and Data Sources
•Asynchronous Updates
•Share View Styles
•Create Custom Actions

Module 3 – Customising List and Library Forms
•Create Customised New, Edit and Display Forms
•Edit Custom Forms in SharePoint Designer
•Edit Forms using InfoPath

Module 4 – Displaying External Business Data
•External Databases
•XML Web Services via SOAP
•Server Side Scripts using REST
•XML Source Files
•Linked Data Sources
•Related Item Views

Module 5 – Using Business Connectivity Services (BCS)
• Explore External Content Types
•Create a New External Content Type
•Create an External List Page
•Use External Lists in SharePoint Workspace and Outlook
•Business Data Columns

Module 6 – Basic Workflows
•Create a List Workflow
•Add Conditions and Actions
•Use Workflow Variables
•Secondary Workflows

Module 7 – Advanced Workflows
•Create a Re-usable Workflow
•Column and Content Type Associations
•Site Workflows
•Adjust an Out of the Box Workflow
•Export a Workflow to Visio
•Import a Workflow from Visio

Module 8 – Deploy Custom SharePoint Solutions
•Use List Templates
•Use Site Templates
•Create a Web Solution Package

Module 9 – Managing SharePoint Designer
•Central and Site Collection Administration for SharePoint Designer Settings
•Disable SharePoint Designer for Specific User Roles
•Disable Specific SharePoint Designer Actions

Module 10 – Working with Reports
•Use Accessibility Compatibility and CSS Reports
•Locate Broken Hyperlinks

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