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Microsoft SharePoint End User 2010 Web Publishing

  • Price £425.00
  • Duration 1 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


The goal of this course is to provide you with the knowledge and skills to modify a SharePoint 2010 Web Publishing site. This course is aimed at users who need to create Intranet or Internet based web content, but either do not have the experience to work with web designers or are restricted from using them in the business. This course also acts as a good foundation course for beginners who later wish to attend the SharePoint Designer 2010 courses or use the product.

You will discover how to create Web Publishing sites, as well as plan and develop the content. You will also experience the Web Publishing Workflows and see how to correctly use them to maintain web publishing sites correctly.

This course will help you meet the following objectives:

•Create and maintain web publishing sites and their content
•Manage and administrate content used in sites
•Manage the process of developing web publishing content
•Analyse the usage and effectiveness of your web sites to users


•A good understanding of Windows
•Experience using Internet Explorer 7/8 or equivalent browser
•Experience with Microsoft SharePoint 2010 equivalent to our
‘SharePoint 2010 End-User – Introduction’ course
•Experience with content equivalent to our ‘SharePoint 2010 End-User – Advanced Features’ course is recommended but not essential
•A good knowledge of Office 2010 applications (Word, Excel, Outlook)


•Create Web Publishing sites and content
•Add web parts to content pages and bind them to SharePoint information
•Format web content using font formatting, styles and HTML
•Create / manage workflows to enforce policy and procedure to Web Publishing
•Use Site Analytics reports to view the usage and effectiveness of your sites

Course Content

Configuring a Web Site
•Web Site Design
•Site Permissions
•Site Content Environment

Web Page Authoring
•Working with Web Pages
•Web Parts
•Content Regions

Content Administration
•Check Out/In
•Managing Versions
•Workflow Administration

Content Editing
•Editing Content
•Wiki Links
•Inserting Pictures
•Inserting Multimedia
•Office Application Content
•Smart Client Authoring (SCA)

Web Analytics
•Analytics Reports
•Custom Web Analytics Reports
•Web Analytics Workflows
•Web Analytics Web Part
•Best Bets Suggestions

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