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Microsoft Visio 2007 Level 1

  • Price £265.00
  • Duration 1 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


Diagrams and charts play a pivotal role in knowledge dissemination, making complex data easy to understand. Microsoft Office Visio Professional 2007 has a host of features that are instrumental in creating pictorial representations of information. In this course, you will learn the essentials of Visio.

Course Objective: You will design and manage basic diagrams, workflows, and flowcharts.

Target Student: This course is designed for persons who have an understanding of basic workflows and the concept of end-to-end flowcharting.

Delivery Method: Instructor led, group-paced, classroom-delivery learning model with structured hands-on activities.


•An appreciation of drawing applications and design concepts
•Use a mouse
•Type and use a keyboard
•Navigate through Windows files and folders
•Work with Windows – minimise, maximise, open and close


•Explore the Visio 2007 interface
•Create a route map
•Enhance a basic diagram
•Create process diagrams
•Create an organization chart

Course Content

Lesson 1: Getting Started with Visio 2007
•Topic 1A: Explore the Visio Interface
•Topic 1B: Get Help in Visio

Lesson 2: Creating a Route Map
•Topic 2A: Add Shapes to a Drawing
•Topic 2B: Manipulate Shapes
•Topic 2C: Add Text
•Topic 2D: Format Text
•Topic 2E: Change the Stacking Order

Lesson 3: Enhancing a Basic Diagram
•Topic 3A: Manage Shapes
•Topic 3B: Format Shapes

Lesson 4: Creating Process Diagrams
•Topic 4A: Create a Flowchart
•Topic 4B: Apply Page Styles
•Topic 4C: Create a Cross-Functional Flowchart
•Topic 4D: Create a Workflow Diagram

Lesson 5: Representing an Organization Hierarchy
•Topic 5A: Create an Organization Chart
•Topic 5B: Modify an Organization Chart

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