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Object Oriented PHP 5.3

Object Oriented PHP 5.3
  • Price £1,097.00
  • Level 2
All major credit cards accepted


This five day course introduces the latest best practices with PHP. With the rapidly evolving nature of the web and the massive growth in mobile browsers, the course is focussed on creating the most up to date, versatile and manageable web site applications possible. The applications built during the hands-on development exercises implement best practice and common conventions.


Experienced PHP Developers

Assumed Knowledge

Youy weill have been developing with PHP for at least one year


latest best practices with PHP

Course Content

Overview of the Technologies

• Browsers, Servers and Platforms
• HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript
• Popular Frameworks and Libraries

Review of PHP concepts

• Variables, functions and events
• Modular code development
• Data types

Configuring a Development Environment

• Choosing an Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
• Preparing a development server
• Choosing unit test and debugging strategies
• Configuring mobile device emulators

Introduction to Object Oriented Programming (OOP) with PHP

• The advantages of OOP
• Classes and Instances
• The concept of ‘overloading’
• Why use getter and setter methods
• Convenience methods such as toString()
• Public and private scope explained
• Understanding ‘static’ members
• Code-base management advantages from using OOP

Object Oriented Design Patterns

• Model-View-Controller (MVC)
• Model-View-Presenter (MVP)
• Decorator, Iterator and Singleton
• Choosing which pattern to use
• When patterns don’t help


• Understanding events
• Decoupling application components

Handling Exceptions

• Exception handling strategies
• Handling references
• Development versus production exception handling

PHP for Mobile Platforms

• Variations across mobile platforms
• Detecting device capabilities
• Image resizing techniques
• Responsive CSS

Incorporating Social Media

• Business strategies for using social media in PHP Applications
• Some common APIs: Twitter, Google and Facebook

PHP OOP Strategies

• Structuring an application (web site)
• Understanding namespaces
• Anonymous Functions
• The standard PHP library

Popular PHP Frameworks

• Comparing frameworks
• Symfony
• Zend

Client Side Forms

• Data validation
• Dynamic forms using AJAX

Database Integration Strategies

• Understanding server-side and client side data models
• Advantages of the Memcached approach
• Integrating client-side persistent storage on modern browsers and devices
• Site search and queries

Email and SMS

• Integrating mail servers
• Generating SMS
• Google Maps and Google Charts

Application Security

• The essentials of PHP server security
• Cleaning user data
• Dealing with cross-site scripting (xss) and cross-site request forgery (csrf)
• Managing sessions

Agile Development

• Zend Studio
• Mylyn
• Subversion and Git version control

Modular Development

• Creating independent code blocks as modules
• Continuous integration

Web Services and XML

• Creating a Web Service
• delivering RESTful, JSON and AJAX results
• Handling XML data

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