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Online Marketing Training

Online Marketing Training
  • Price £697.00
  • Level 1
All major credit cards accepted


This training course is the perfect starting place for online marketing novices or business owners wanting to know how to start promoting their products and services online. During the workshop our online marketing expert will run through the majority of online marketing options currently available. The course covers the basic elements of search engine optimisation, social media marketing, online advertising, mobile marketing, email marketing, location services and analytics.

Drawing on examples of successful online marketing case studies and, where relevant, discussing the different online marketing activities in the context of your business and marketplace, this course will provide a good grounding for those looking to start marketing their business online.


  • Marketing managers and directors responsible for charting the course for the next generation of marketing in their organization
  • Advertising agency professionals responsible for bringing the latest marketing solutions to bear on their clients’ marketing challenges
  • SME Owners and Management who are serious about using Online Marketing to attract new business as well as keeping in contact with existing clients.

Assumed Knowledge

No pre-requisites required.


  • Understanding digital marketing jargon, the key channels and the underlying principles
  • How to put together a digital marketing strategy
  • How to set KPIs for your online marketing activity
  • How to develop integrated Search Marketing strategies
  • Understanding Social Media marketing in a business context
  • How to effectively plan your email marketing campaigns
  • Selecting online display advertising networks and banner formats
  • How to use Mobile apps, mobile web and location-based services
  • Analytics: what to measure and how to manage

Course Content

Focus on the customer

- Digital Marketing Planning – a strategic approach

- Creating an effective digital marketing framework

- Evaluate the existing conversion funnel

- Defining customer personas

- Finding buyers paths to sales

- How to establish your core online marketing goals

Basics of traffic acquisition

- Setting customer acquisition goals

- Understanding free and paid traffic drivers

- Examples of free traffic drivers

- Examples of paid traffic drivers

Conversion optimisation

- Understanding messaging in relation to conversion funnel

- Web design that helps drive conversion

- Understanding A/B testing or Split testing to optimise your conversion

- How to use landing pages in your optimisation process

- Tracking your conversion results

Search Engine optimisation

- How search engines work

- Keyword research analysis and tools

- Link building techniques and how they help your rankings

- Manual and algorithmic site evaluation

- The importance of your site map

- An overview of SEO Webmaster tools

- Universal search versus local search

Affiliate Marketing

- How to increase sales through affiliate marketing

- Affiliate programmes explored

- Affiliate marketing for B2C and for B2B

- How to maintain the personal touch in your affiliate marketing

- How to launch your own affiliate programme


Social Media Focus

- Social Media 101 overview

- Develop a social media strategy for your business

- Resourcing your social media activity effectively

Social Media Listening

- How to listen to online conversation within your industry to stay on top of the trends

- How to listen online to your competitors, your clients and other stakeholders

- How to find your top 10 of most influential bloggers across your market and how to engage with them

Integrating your social media networks and content

- Selecting the social networks that are relevant to your business

- Facebook – Connecting with an engaged audience

- Linkedin – How to be more effective in selling

- Twitter – Introduction to Twitter and how to use for business

- Google+ – taking full advantage of Google

- Youtube – The power of video

- Pinterest – Visualising your business

- Blogging

- Using Hootsuite to manage your social media outreach

Reaching out

- Launching your new business blog – when, where, how

- Promoting your content to engage readership and to drive traffic to your web site

- Connecting your blog with other networks like LinkedIn, facebook and twitter

- How to use bookmarking sites (Delicious, Stumbleupon) to widen the reach of your content

Track – measuring your online reputation and social media engagement

- How to measure your online reputation

- Tracking the effectiveness of Twitter campaigns

- Linkedin analytics

- Measuring the success and reach of your videos

- Facebook Insights: How to track the effectiveness of your branded Facebook page

- How to aggregate your social media analytics in SproutSocial

Content Marketing

- Understanding the role of content marketing in your conversion strategy

- Your content marketing playbook – different types of content

- Content as referral traffic driver

- Content marketing success metrics

- The power of webinars

Email Marketing

- How to use email to build personal connections

- Understanding legal regulations on email

- Measuring the right email metrics

- An overview of the email marketplace

- The role of email service providers

- Increasing your open and click-through rates

- Email design & development do’s and don’ts

Paid Channel advertising

- Understanding different online advertising sales models

- Cost per Impression versus Cost per Click

- Cost per Action versus Cost per Install

- Cost per View

- Paid advertising campaign strategies

- Advertising Networks and how to choose the right one

- Conversions versus Traffic versus Budget

- Optimising your AdWords campaign (keywords, bid strategy, ad copy and creative) for maximum ROI

Mobile Marketing

- Understanding the mobile user experience

- Mobile versus Social versus Local

- Mobile apps versus mobile websites

- Location-based services: why, what and how

- How to set up Google Local and integrate with your Google+ Page

Online measurement and analytics

- Measuring the effectiveness of your web site

- Understand terminologies concerning Social Media Analytics

- Understand how visitors and web crawlers make use of their website

- Analyse and interpret data results of your Google Analytics dashboard

- Search performance: How to measure impact in search engines

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