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Oracle Reports Developer 10g: Build Reports

  • Price £2,325.00
  • Duration 5 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


In this course, students learn how to design and build a variety of standard and custom Web and paper reports using Oracle Reports Developer. Working in the declarative environment of Reports Builder, students learn how to retrieve, display, and format data from any data source in numerous reporting styles and publish the output to any destination.

During the course, students learn how to add dynamic content to a static Web page and publish reports to the Web. Students also learn how to customize more complex reports, embed graphical charts, and use OracleAS Reports Services to deploy your reports.


Attended an XML introduction course or have equivalent familiarity with basic XML


•Create reports by accessing data from various data sources
•Add dynamic data to an existing HTML page
•Use report parameters and customize a runtime parameter form
•Enhance reports using graphs and PL/SQL trigger code
•Maximize report performance using OracleAS Reports Services and tune reports
•Publish a report on the Web and build reports to run in various languages
•Manage report templates, create mailing labels and letters
•Identify the main components in a report document and how they are related
•Identify the differences between Web and paper reports
•Identify standard report design styles and run existing reports to various output destinations
•Create and modify basic tabular reports and high quality Web reports
•Create other report styles such as break reports and matrix reports

Course Content

•Introduction to Oracle Reports Developer
•Designing and Running Reports
•Working in Oracle Reports Developer
•Creating a Paper Report
•Enhancing a Basic Paper Report
•Managing Report Templates
•Creating a Web Report
•Enhancing Reports Using the Data Model: Queries and Groups
•Enhancing Reports Using the Data Model: Data Sources
•Enhancing Reports Using the Data Model: Creating Columns
•Enhancing Reports Using the Paper Layout
•Controlling the Paper Layout: Common Properties
•Controlling the Paper Layout: Specific Properties
•Web Reporting
•Extending Functionality Using XML
•Creating and Using Report Parameters
•Embedding a Graph in a Report
•Enhancing Matrix Reports
•Coding PL/SQL Triggers
•Extending Functionality Using the SRW Package
•Maximizing Performance Using OracleAS Reports ServicesBuilding Reports: Efficiency Guidelines

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