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Organic Search and Analytics Training Bootcamp

  • Price £1,150.00
  • Duration 3 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


Organic Search and Analytics Bootcamp - is a three day practical, hands-on course aimed at online marketers, web executives, webmasters, agency account managers and campaign managers who want to understand what SEO is and how to plan & implement an SEO campaign, interpret Google Analytics reports and act on the information they provide, and improve their site traffic through careful use of professional SEO techniques.


No knowledge of search marketing is assumed or required but candidates should have an appreciation of search marketing being a key component of an effective Internet marketing strategy. Administration access to an active Google Analytics account is required for the duration of the course.


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

Build and implement an SEO strategy & action plan for their website
Interpret Google Analytics reports and use the information provided
Apply professional SEO techniques to improve your free search promotion.

Course Content

Intro to HTML
What is HTML?
Hypertext & Hypermedia
HyperText Markup
Language (version 4.0)
URL Addresses

HTML Documents
HTML Document Structure
HTML Document

Document Section Tags
Tag Categories
Text Formatting Tags
Layout Tags
Logical Tags
Lists (Ordered/Unordered)

Tag Attributes & Character References
Tag Attributes
Horizontal Rule Attributes
Font Tag Attributes
List Tag Attributes
Character References

Creating Hyperlinks
Hyperlinks Defined
Four Types of Anchors
Standard HREF Anchors
MAILTO Anchors
File Download Anchors
NAME Anchors

Inline Images & Colors
Using Inline Images
Backgrounds Colors

Introduction to Tables
What are Tables?
Table Tag Family
Table Tag Attributes
Colorizing Table Cells
Arranging Data in Cells
Creating and Formatting Page
Columns with Invisible Tables
Advanced Table Formatting
Cell Spanning

Nesting & Embedding Tables
Embedding Lists in Tables
Nesting Tables in Tables

What is Search Engine Optimisation
Why do it
What can it do for you
What can go wrong

Site Structure
Accessibility and cross browser compatibility
Internal links and Sitemap
Structure of URLs
Files: Robots.txt, .htaccess
Redirects: 301 Redirects, non WWW traffic
Nofollow Attribute

Content, Content, Content
An Introduction to Content Creation
Write for People
Avoid Duplicate Content
Keyword Density
Keep Content Current

Aim for quality
Community Participation
Link Directories
News Releases
Social Media

See what's working
Identify new keywords
Identify best content

Warning - What to Avoid
You can get Blacklisted
No Shadow Domains
Careful with redirects
Keyword Stuffing
Hidden Text and Links

Useful SEO Tools
Search Engine Watch
Google Toolbar
SEO for Firefox Plugin
Redirect testing Tools
W3C Validators for HTML, CSS, Links

What is Google Analytics
Why Use Analytics?
Why is it Free?
What does it do for me?

Setting up Google Analytics
Getting Started.
The Settings Dashboard.
Filtering Your Data.
Using Analytics Goals.
AdWords Integration.

Visitors Reports
Traffic Reports
Content Reports

Marketing Optimisation
Unique–Visitor Tracking.
Visitor Segmenting.
Marketing Campaign Results.
Search–Engine Marketing.

Content Optimisation
Ad Version Testing.
Content Performance.
Navigational Analysis.
Goals & Funnel Process.
Web Design Parameters.

E–Commerce Analysis
Commerce Tracking.
Loyalty & Latency.
Revenue Sources.
Product Merchandising.

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