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Paid Search and Analytics Training Bootcamp

  • Price £895.00
  • Duration 2 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


The Paid Search and Analytics Bootcamp combines 2 days of practical, hands-on learning aimed at anybody wanting to make the most of the Google Adwords and Google Analytics combination to maximise the effectiveness of their online marketing efforts via Google's powerful search marketing network.


Administration access to active Google Adwords and Google Analytics accounts are required for the duration of the course.


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

Plan, set-up, manage and optimise, according to industry best practice, Google Adwords campaigns.
Understand how Google Analytics can be used to accurately analyse how visitors arrive at their website and how they behave and interact with their website content.

Course Content

What is Google Analytics
Why Use Analytics?
Why is it Free?
What does it do for me?

Setting up Google Analytics
Getting Started.
The Settings Dashboard.
Filtering Your Data.
Using Analytics Goals.
AdWords Integration.

Visitors Reports
Traffic Reports
Content Reports

Marketing Optimisation
Unique–Visitor Tracking.
Visitor Segmenting.
Marketing Campaign Results.
Search–Engine Marketing.

Content Optimisation
Ad Version Testing.
Content Performance.
Navigational Analysis.
Goals & Funnel Process.
Web Design Parameters.

E–Commerce Analysis
Commerce Tracking.
Loyalty & Latency.
Revenue Sources.
Product Merchandising.

Pay per Click background
Market Statistics

Overview of Google Adwords
What is AdWords
Pay Per Click vs Organic Listings
Search vs Content vs Site Targeting Listings

Account creation
Google Account Structure

Campaign creation
Best practices

Adgroup creation
Best Practices
Adgroup Structure

Keyword creation
Best Practices
Sourcing new Keywords

Ad text creation
Best Practices
Writing Ad Text

Creating Reports
Scheduling Reports
Understanding Reports

Adwords Editor
What is Adwords Editor
How can it help me work smarter

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