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Production for Print by Mark Gatter

Production for Print by Mark Gatter
  • Price £395.00
  • Level Introduction
  • Duration 1 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


Improve the way in which you create, check and send your documents for print. This class is based around the book “Production for Print” which was written and will be presented by Mark Gatter

Starting with a brief overview of the printing process, this course uses many practical examples to demonstrate common printing problems and how to fix them. Students will learn how to apply the appropriate Colour Management Systems preset before beginning work, as well as how to create their own. We also cover editing Adobe Acrobat PDF profiles to create a final PDF output file, how to check work in InDesign and Photoshop beforehand and in Adobe Acrobat afterwards, getting the right kind of proof, the key points for effective communication with print shops, and more. Questions are welcome at any time during the course.


This course is designed to give anyone involved in the creation of digital artwork an understanding of the whole process from layout to final printed work and to avoid the expensive mistakes and broken deadlines often caused by a lack of expertise in this field.

This course is for anyone who sends files away for commercial printing but is never quite sure exactly how they’ll turn out.

Assumed Knowledge

Attendees should have at least a working knowledge of InDesign (or
QuarkXPress) and Photoshop.


  • Why 4-colour printing works
  • How to include Pantone colours in a PDF
  • All about RGB vs. CMYK
  • About CMS presets, and how to create and apply your own
  • How to assess and edit image resolution
  • How to calibrate shadow and highlight dots
  • Which Image format to use for a given process
  • Why trapping is so important
  • How to edit Preflight settings
  • How to make a perfect PDF

Course Content

The four-colour printing process

  • The 4-colour process, screen angles and screen clash
  • Hexachrome printing

Pantone colours

  • Adding a Pantone to an image as a as a solid
  • Adding a Pantone to an image as a tint

Understanding colour

  • RGB vs. CMYK – the screen vs. print colour modes
  • Calibrating your monitor

Calibrating highlights and shadows

  • Colour Management Systems
  • Compensating for highlight and shadow changes in greyscale images

Calibrating colour images

  • GCR (grey component replacement)
  • colour casts in colour images
  • Highlights and midtones in colour images

Bitmaps and pixel depth

  • ‘Bit depth’ in bitmap, greyscale, RGB and CMYK jpeg and tiff images, duotones and more

Image formats for print

  • Image formats and their uses, and their pros and cons
  • Using web images for print

Actions and droplets in a CMYK workflow

  • Creating an action or droplet
  • Using actions for an efficient Photoshop workflow with InDesign


  • What is trapping; adjusting and applying it in the main graphics programmes
  • Using ‘rich’ and ‘4-colour’ black swatches
  • InDesign trap presets; creating and applying your own

Perparing the file for the printer

  • A general printing checklist
  • Link and font problems
  • Bleeds and slugs
  • Creating custom ‘preflight’ settings in InDesign
  • Transparency flattening and what it means in PDF output
  • Creating hi-res PDFs in InDesign
  • How to talk to printers
  • PDF/X-1a, PDF/X-3 & PDF/X-4 standards
  • The Adobe PDF Print Engine
  • Previewing separations

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