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Primavera P6 Advanced (Web Access) P107

  • Price £995.00
  • Duration 2 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


This course provides hands-on training on advanced resource management and project management in P6, Primavera’ s Webbased project management application.
Topics include creating resource teams and role teams; high-level resource planning; resource levelling; viewing and analysing portfolio performance; assessing return on investment; capacity planning and waterline analysis; and earned value analysis.

Version Relevance Release 7.0, Release 8.x, Release 15.x


Project Management in Primavera P6 Web Access (course P101)


Learn To...

  • use high-level resource planning
  • use resource levelling
  • staff resource requests
  • create resource teams and role teams
  • assess portfolio performance

Course Objectives

  • View portfolio performance
  • Use high-level resource planning
  • Use advanced scheduling techniques
  • Staff resource requests
  • Analyze portfolio performance
  • Create a portfolio
  • Manage multiple projects
  • Use resource levelling
  • Create resource teams

Course Content

Course Topics

  • Creating Resource Teams and Role Teams
  • Viewing Portfolio Performance
  • Viewing Portfolio Information
  • Analysing Portfolios
  • High-Level Resource Planning
  • Managing Allocation
  • Staffing Resource Requests
  • Resource Levelling
  • Advanced Scheduling

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