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Stepping Up to Management

  • Price £1,525.00
  • Duration 4 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


•Are you new to supervising or team leading?
•Do you find it hard communicating what you want in a clear and compelling way?
•Do you need to give people work to do and monitor how it gets done?
•Do you feel overwhelmed with the amount of work you now have to do?
•Do you need some guidelines to help you prioritise your work?
•Do meetings get hijacked or end in conflict rather than producing solutions with people responsible for putting them into action?
Developing management abilities is key to the growth of both the individual and the company. It is imperative that new supervisors and managers acquire the foundation of relevant skills upon which to build their career. Companies also need managers to motivate and drive teams to get work done. There is a huge company benefit in terms of work saved and time saved by managers who know what they are doing and can motivate teams to accomplish what they have planned.


No special entry requirements


By the end of the course you will be able to:
•Develop new skills in time management, communication
•Build confidence in your own abilities
•Feel more confident about managing a team
•Plan workloads
•Dealing with issues
•Plan work for your team
•Communicate simply and clearly
•Manage both their time and your own
•Emulate good team leaders
•Understand how to balance teambuilding, developing the individual and task completion
•Utilise knowledge of Honey and Mumford Learning Styles to communciate more effectively
•Adapt appropriate levels of assertiveness for situations
•Develop a range of oral and written communication styles for positive influence.

Course Content

•Resource management techniques.
•How to monitor and control effectively.
•Communicating best practice.
•Practice in coaching your teams.
•Advice on dealing with difficult people.
•Prepare, conduct and follow up effectively on collaborative meetings that achieve results.
•Deploy productive time management strategies.
•Understand more effective resourcing.
•Apply fundamental conflict and escalation tools.
•Apply the basics of progress reporting.

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