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Technical Team Leading

  • Price £1,765.00
  • Duration 5 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


•Are you new to supervising or managing a team?
•Would you like to be able to schedule resources more effectively?
•Do you need to know how to motivate your team?
•Do meetings get hijacked or end in conflict rather than producing solutions with people responsible for putting them into action?
•Do you find yourself (or team members) missing deadlines?
•Are you constantly fire fighting rather than proactively planning for success?
Companies need managers to motivate and drive teams to get good results. There is huge company benefit in terms of work saved, time saved and decent employees retained, by good managers who know what they are doing and can motivate teams to accomplish what they have planned. Developing management abilities is key to the growth of both the individual and the company. It is imperative that new supervisors and managers acquire the foundation of relevant skills upon which to build their career.

You will benefit from this course if you are a new supervisor or manager, and if you want to receive the complete toolkit of skills you need. Existing managers with little formal training will also benefit from experiencing the latest thinking and best practice.

Your own tailored Belbin® report

Are you a thinker, a doer or a people person? What about your team? What are their preferred ‘team roles’?
As part of this course you will receive a comprehensive report to illustrate your preferred team role and how this impacts on your management/leadership style.

Your own tailored Belbin team report will also give you invaluable insight into how to balance the characteristics of your team to best effect. It will show how to build on team strengths and mange potential weaknesses. It will also give you guidance on how to best develop yourself and your team to reach full potential.

Belbin Team Roles is backed by over 30 years of research. Starting in the 1970’s at Henley Management College, Dr Meredith Belbin has spent many years analysing and identifying the key characteristics that can determine a teams success or failure. His work still continues, we will be sharing some of his key discoveries with you on this course.


No special entry requirements


By the end of the course you will be able to:

•use new skills in motivation, communication and organisation
•feel more confident about managing a team
•plan workloads
•managing performance
•manage your time
•communicate with clarity
•drive the team forward
•manage your stress levels
•gain more recognition for what you do.

Course Content

•Meet other delegates in a similar position of responsibility to yourself.
•Identify and discuss what makes a good leader, drawing on your own experience and identify the key elements of leading a team.
•Identify your leadership style and recognise when different scenarios require you to tailor your style.
•Learn the difference between managing and leading a team.
•Explore the responsibilities, skills and qualities of a team leader. Discuss the transition from a purely technical role to a supervisory role and the challenges you will face.
•Review motivational theory and how it can be used to in a variety of ways to motivate others.
•Identify the factors that cause de-motivation and discuss how to deal with them. You will look at the different ways people are motivated and how to mobilise the whole team together.
•Learn how to define goals by agreeing objectives, constraints and assumptions and documenting these with terms of reference.
•Identify what information is needed for progress reports and the levels of accuracy required.
•Learn what causes conflict and the various methods of dealing with it.
•How to manage meetings.
•Analytical Problem Solving and Decision Making.
•Staff Development & Coaching including measuring performance and running an appraisal.
•Stress Awareness including what causes stress, how you can recognise your own stress and symptoms of stress in people within your team.
•Developing great presentations including how you present information about your team and the importance of being congruent.

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